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Emma Engle celebrates birthday with dinner out

Northeast Ohio

Got sunshine? We have but it ain’t all that warm. Seems we most always have a cool lake breeze. How was your week? A good one I trust.

Been a mite lonely here today, our company, Charles and Delores, left this morning. In fact they are probably nearing home by now. We really enjoyed having them. We ate, we talked, then we ate some more and did a lot more talking. They went shopping one day and I took advantage of the occasion to grab a nap. Gotta have that nap ! Bill and Redia came by one night for supper and Charles and Delores treated us to lunch out. Bill and Redia stopped by today for lunch and took the leftover ham and green beans, for which I was grateful as we had our fill and probably would have had to dump them.

I really had a great day April 16, which was my birthday. I got so many beautiful cards and phone calls and was taken out for a birthday dinner by Bill and Redia. I had a delicious meal and finally treated to a piece of strawberry pie with a candle and serenaded by a group of servers. They took me to Bob Evans.

I got a call from Doris (Phillips) King while out. I wanted to call her back but couldn’t find the phone number. I plan to call tonight as I just discovered the book the number was in.

Red’s nephew, Ray Hampton of Maryland, had surgery. They had to remove his left leg to above the knee. The only thing we have heard so far was that the surgery went well and he was in intensive care. We will probably hear more when Charles calls after they get home.

It’s just now beginning to look like springtime around here. I can see some tiny leaves on some trees. Tulip trees and some I call umbrella trees (’cause that’s what they look like) are showing off their beautiful new wardrobe. Forsythia is a gorgeous golden, Bradford pears are beginning to don their snowy white raiment, grass is pretty and green and everything seems to be coming awake after a long nap. Don’t you just love springtime? I do!

Catharine and Jeremy had a great trip to Mammoth Cave. She would probably go again but I’m not sure about Jeremy. Back in my younger days, I would have loved a trip like that, but them days are done and gone. I would not have toured the cave even at that time as I could never tolerate a close space.

This weekend is Little Edna Church time and if everything is all right we’ll be going. We are supposed to have some extra warm weather all weekend, around 80 or so, but I think I’ll just wait and see.

Howdy to all the Engles and Sergents and to all dear friends, oh, by the way, I will be writing soon. I got Valerie’s quilt finished. I do have more to quilt but they don’t have to be done by a certain time.

Gotta stop and get up and get ready to make a trip to a funeral home. A woman I had known for several years, Belvia “Billie” Kaylor, is there. She was 76 and originally from Kentucky, from the Pike County area I believe.

Y’all have a lovely spring week, enjoy the sunshine and be good to one another. Sending love and prayers your way and best wishes to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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