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Emma Lou Engle has heart attack

Northeast Ohio

To all of Emma’s readers and family,

As you probably have guessed, this is not Emma Lou writing this article at this time. This is an update about her situation.

As of this writing she is at Main Street Care Facility at 500 Community Drive in Avon Lake, Ohio 44012. She went to the Mercy Hospital emergency room Sunday and was admitted. She told me that they think she had a mild heart attack. Thursday, she was transferred to Main Street for therapy to help get her strength up. She is in room 206 (the same one Red, my dad, was in).

Dad (Red) came home Wednesday, Feb 6. My granddaughter, Meagan, is staying with him and taking care of him. Of course, there are a lot of other family members who are caring for him and Mom also. A big thank you to Catharine (their granddaughter), Richard and Georgia ( Mom’s brother and sister-in-law), Rick and Joyce ( Mom’s nephew and his wife), Debbie and Billy (Mom’s niece and her husband), Bill and Redia (Mom’s son and daughterin law) and other neighbors and friends.

While Dad was at the home, he and Mom celebrated their 67th anniversary with a lot of family members and some other good friends. We had a small party at the nursing home.

Hopefully, Mom will be up to writing the next article. If anyone wants to send her any correspondence via e-mail, Cathy and I will see to it that she gets it.

Be well and take care of the ones close to you, because as we age we think we and our loved ones are going to live forever but we could lose them any time, we never know when.

Bill Engle for Emma Lou Engle

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