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Engle family came together for unexpected pizza party

I do hope all mothers everywhere had a most happy Mother’s Day. I had a great weekend, starting Saturday with a visit from Billy Wayne and Redia bringing a beautiful card and inside a gift card from Sears (bought myself a new pair of shoes). I had more company Saturday evening, Richard and Georgia, Debbie and Billy, and Billy’s daughter, Kristin, three of Ricky’s children, Lauren and twins Brandon and Bailee, and niece Teena Opalka and her youngest daughter, Lauren. They ordered pizza and I furnished soft drinks and coffee. An unexpected pizza party!

Teena’s oldest daughter, Rebecca Basham, (from her first marriage) was at Oak Harbor High School in Oak Harbor, Ohio, for a musical competition. She is a member of the Women’s Ensemble Choir from Round Lake, Ill. Their division took first place. Way to go, girls, congratulations!! Becky is a senior this year. Teena says they will try to make it to the Engle-Sergent picnic this year. Hope they can make it.

Red and I went to Little Pilgrim Home Church in Ruggles, Ohio. It was a beautiful sunny day but cool enough for a warm jacket. There was a goodly crowd with some beautiful preaching.

We should be in Letcher County soon. I’ve been getting everything I will need together. Nothing packed yet, but soon. Looking forward to seeing lots of good ole mountain folk, just ain’t nothing like them. Good people!

I have talked to Henry Warren and Ronald Buford. Henry seems to be doing fairly well and so is Ron, but sorry to hear Johnell is not feeling up to par. She can’t seem to bounce back after her surgery; she has to go back to see her doctor.

Friend Joyce(Gaynell) Fields called. She and some of her family had just returned to Columbus, Ind., after spending a few days in Letcher County. Her son, Donny Edwards, and daughter, Jennifer Edwards Hall, both still live down home. Donny lives in Jenkins and I’m not sure where Jen lives, but she does work in Jenkins. Such a nice family. Her youngest daughter, Regina, lives in Indiana.

Red’s mustard is really growing and so are the onions. He put out six Big Boy tomato plants.

Speaking of plants, I forgot to mention the big pot of live flowers that were delivered. Beautiful! They were from Red’s niece, Lena Hampton Stallard in Pound, Va., our adopted daughter. Thank you so very much, Lena. Love you!

Hello to Henry Bentley Jr. and Bub and Brenda Caudill, who live in Georgia and Florida. Hope the wild fires that have been raging in your areas are far from where you live and you are all safe.

I have just about finished my uptown quilt. I lack a little on one end and hemming. The downtown one goes slowly; I only work on it on laundry days.

Howdy to everyone, especially the ones I need to send letters to. I may get to writing before our trip but just might wait till after. I will have more to write about.

Wal now, I’m a’thinkin’ it’s jist ’bout time fer me to git back ter my sewin’, so will say hopin’ ter see yew real soon. Have a good day and love and prayers to all.

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