Whitesburg KY

Engle picnic planned for Memorial weekend

Hope all mothers everywhere had a lovely day. Red and I went to Little Pilgrim Home in Ruggles and had no plans for anything special. Billy Wayne has to go in to work early on Sundays so we never plan anything special unless he’s on vacation or takes a personal day.

We had an absolutely perfect day here, lots of sunshine and my kind of temperatures, really warm. In fact, I did something I haven’t done in several years. I was out and about in a shortsleeved shirt. I usually have to have my arms covered.

Most of Billy Wayne’s family and Red and I met at Golden Corral for the annual breakfast Bill always has for his family. Missing were Steven, Lisa and their son, Joshua, and another of Bill’s grandsons, Tyler. We met about 8:30 a.m. and I ate just about enough to last me all day. Good thing I’m not on a diet, I love to eat too well.

Ricky and Joyce are planning a cookout for their parents, Richard and Georgia and Bill and Helen. I’ve been asked to make the macaroni salad, which of course I will do. Just hope it will be edible.

I got some beautiful pictures. Thanks, B.D., you have a lovely family. I also got a belated birthday card. Thanks, Jean, such a pretty card.

Niece Teena, Henry Warren’s oldest daughter, called from Chicago and said she’s going to be in the area. Her daughter Becky has something going on in Sandusky. It will sure be good to see them. Maybe Henry will drive up.

Red and I planted two rows of beans. I really believe he gave me the hardest job. I had to drop all those heavy beans, poor me!

The time for our trip is getting shorter by the day and I’m getting more and more anxious by the day. I am already getting everything ready for packing. I can hardly wait to feast my eyes on the beauty of my beloved mountains, I really do miss them even after all these years away.

It’s eight o’clock in the evening and the sun is as bright as midday. I noticed our rose of Sharon bushes are beginning to leaf out pretty good and our neighbor’s lilac smells so good!

I had my garage sale and did much better than I thought I was doing. I did get rid of pretty much stuff!

To Nathan Baker, Sarah Pack, Jimmy Baker and all their families: hope to see y’all at the Engle picnic on Sunday, May 27, at the Ovenfork Senior Citizens Center. Don’t forget. Hope you are all well. All other members of the Engle family would be most heartily welcome. Think about it, OK? The more the merrier.

I haven’t talked to any of my family except Richard and Chester and Jettie. All are (as Red’s mom used to say) well as usual. We never did find out exactly what usual was or is.

I talked to dear friend Nellie Banks. After our vacation I plan to send her a couple of quilt patterns. One is the cross with dogwood blossoms I just got and the other is britches.

I most surely would love to see all my Kaintuck kinfolk while in them thar hills. Mebbe sum o’thm will stop by an say howdy Friday or Saturday mornin’ at thet thar big eating place, The Pine Mountain Grill. See ya thar, OK?

Have a beautiful day, share a smile, handshake or hug with someone.

See ya when I gets to Hill Country.

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