Whitesburg KY

Engle-Sergent family gathers for picnic

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’all, Hope your weekend was as special as mine. We had our Engle-Sergent picnic August 10 and all eight of the late Sam and Polly Ann Sergent’s remaining children were here. The only one missing was our oldest sister, Ethel, who died in 1992.

Present were Red and Emma Lou Engle, Lorain Ohio; Sarah Belle Sergent, Cincinnati, Ohio; Samuel Chester and Jettie Sergent, North Ridgeville, Ohio; Henry Warren Sergent, Murray;. Phil and Opal Jeanie Sergent Adams, Louisville; Anna Lea Sergent Goins, Whitesburg; Richard Ray and Georgia Sergent, Lorain, Ohio; Ronald Buford and Johnell Sergent, Huntsville, Ala.

Also present were Billy Wayne and Redia Engle Elyria, Ohio; their daughter, Jennifer, Elyria, Ohio, and her eight children, Christopher, Meagan, Tyler, Lydia, Dakota, Damian, Alex and Elizabeth; Bill’s son and daughter-in-law, Chris and Jenny, Julia and Evan, Elyria Ohio; Valerie Engle (Bob), her daughter and son-in-law, Jeremy and Catharine Taylor, Lorain, Ohio; Henry’s daughter, Melissa Taylor, and a friend, Tara Kosart, Murray; Chester’s son, Rodney (first time), his daughter, Robin, John and Gavin, Elyria, Ohio; Richard’s daughter, Debbie, and Billy Resor, Wellington, Ohio, with Cassie, Ben and Kristin; son Ricky and Joyce Lorain, Ohio, with Lauren, Jordan, Brandon and Bailee; from Elyria, Ohio, Shawn, Greg and Devin Easton. Destiny, Zack and Leiland, Dent, and Denise Easterday.

I almost forgot Jeanie’s daughter, Christy, Jeffersonville, Ind. Sure glad I checked my paper again, I would have been in deep trouble. Just kidding, Christy, I could never forget you.

From Lorain were Irving, Kaz and Josephine (Tootie) Soto; James Barker and Ovene Hamilton from Avon, Ohio; Jason, Jennifer and Sydney Robke, Tracie and Samantha Lutton from Sheffield Lake, Ohio; Glen Easton Sr., Mary Turner; from Westerville, Ohio; Linda Hall, Sheffield Village, Ohio; Mike and Lisa Conway, North Ridgeville, Ohio. Also from Lorain, Ohio, Sheila Skinner and Willa (Winkie) Harrington. I’m sure I have forgotten someone and if so I apologize.

We had lots of good food, lots of conversations and music. My family started coming in on Friday and the last ones left on Wednesday. I am so lonesome when they leave. I had gotten up around seven Friday morning to bake two stack cakes and four dried apple pies. So what happens? Sarah, Anna and I got talking and I think it was close to five Saturday morning when they finally conked out. I stayed up, and it was around one or one-thirty Sunday morning when I finally had to give up. I did get everything done that could be done ahead.

We put four more packs of beans in freezer today and had enough fixed for a big cooking so when Bill and Redia stopped by I gave them to her. We will most likely have to pick more tomorrow. Red was so worried we wouldn’t have many beans. Know what they say, be careful what you wish for.

Anna Lea and I walked out to the garden, and when I showed her my one lone Plum Granny ( I thought she said there’s one, there’s another, the three together. So now I have quite a patch full.

Georgia spent Saturday night in the hospital. She was having chest pains and her blood pressure went sky high. She’s OK and back to doing the usual stuff. Doctor said it was probably stress, or at least that’s the story we got. If there’s more she ain’t telling.

We’ve had a beautiful day here, sunny and warm with a gentle breeze.

Red and I went to the doctor for our checkups and I ended up getting another shot and another round of antibiotics. Hope this will be the last. I sure will be glad to get my head back to normal or as normal as I can ever be.

Red got orders to use his cane even in the house as he has been falling pretty much. Saturday evening we all ate at Richard’s and Red started to come in the kitchen door and fell backward onto the porch. He hurt his back, his hip and bruised and skinned his right arm and elbow. Today he fell on our back porch which is made of concrete. He hit his head and did a pretty good job of bruising himself. He doesn’t know he’s falling until he’s down and needs help getting up.

It’s eight o’clock and unless Catharine works late, she will be here pretty soon, so hesh up. Wishing all a bright sunshiny day, health and happiness, love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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