Whitesburg KY

Engles are feeling much better

It’s me again, coming your way from a sunny but cold day here in Lorain. Do hope everyone had a great week and all are well.

I am beginning to feel much better even though I know I’ll never be the same as I was or thought I was. Have had symptoms for a very long time but made my own diagnosis, not a very smart thing to do.

Red says he’s doing better but he’s still having trouble with his legs and has trouble walking.

We’ve had several phone calls this week, mostly from family, but did hear from Mildred Perdue, Sterling, Va. I’ve always heard there are angels among us and I firmly believe she is one. Northeast Ohio

Hello to Eva (Craft) Spicer of Letcher County and thank you for calling your sister Ruby (Craft) Gilliam of Minerva and reading my article to her. She called me and we had a delightful phone visit.

Received some special news, seems I have discovered relatives I never knew about but am delighted. This tidbit is for the two of you:

I was born at Craftsville, on April 16, 1927 to Samuel Calvin and Polly Ann (Taylor) Sergent. Had four brothers and four sisters. We moved across Millstone to Indian Creek where I lived until I got married in January 1946. Went to Indian Creek School through eighth grade, graduated from Stuart Robinson School in 1945.

My Grandma Sergent was Drucilla (Sillar) Craft, daughter of Enoch (Chunk) and Polly Ann ( Caudill) Craft. Will call or write more details later.

Just talked to Jeanie, they are all doing fairly well. Calvin, Mary, Carson and Cameron are now in their new home in Atlanta, Ga., and expecting at least 60-degree weather tomorrow. Makes me wonder why we came north instead of south.

Hello to Dorothy (Rose) Hall, Pikeville. I hear congratulations are in order. Yes, Gaynell called and gave me the news that you will be getting married soon. I believe she said the 18th at Millstone Methodist Church and will be moving to Somerset. I wish for you a long, loving and happy life and will be looking for wedding pictures.

Also want to say hello to Ivan Swift, Toney, Ala. Hear you and baby brother Ronald Buford had an interesting chat. (He may be the baby one but is the tallest and a good-sized man, no fat! He’s an ex-serviceman, Air Force). He said you were a reporter, true?

I’d better clear something up right now. I am not a writer and do not claim to be, just like to write letters, etc. Are you from Letcher County?

What about those mountains? I really miss them, the friendly people and our mountain way of talking. Sometimes find myself writing the way I do talk now and then. Left there in 1953 and still sound like a hill girl.

Been a quiet day here. I have only talked to Redia and Georgia and Red talked to his sister, Mae. Redia came by this morning and vacuumed for us and Richard and Georgia are bringing food and will be having supper with us.

A big howdy to all my dear friends (at least I hope). I do plan to get some mail ready for tomorrow. Had planned to do so today but am so slow that the mail person has already gone by before I am ready.

This is me signing off, wishing all well and much happiness. Peace!

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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