Whitesburg KY

Engles attend Little Pilgrim Home Church

Northeast Ohio

Howdy! Just a short article this week. I heard that! So many saying “goody, goody,” it sounds like a windstorm.

Catharine asked if I would get this ready a day early, on Thursday, as she will be working a double shift, and Friday she and Jeremy were leaving for a weekend at Mammoth Cave. I hope they had a great time and the weather was be warm and sunny.

April 17 was Valerie’s birthday and April 16 was Catharine’s. Happy birthday to both of them, and I do believe I forgot to wish Bill Howard in Jenkins a happy birthday on April 24.

I have received several beautiful cards from Lena Stallard in Pound, Va., Colleen Craft in Fairland, Ind., Bill and Redia in Elyria, Ohio, Kernel “Buddy’ and Doris King in Davenport, Iowa, Robert “Bob” and Eva Dale Douglas in Sacramento, Calif., and we also got an Easter card from Red’s niece, Carleta, and her husband, Creighton Adams, in Eolia. I got a beautiful card from a friend in Sterling, Va.

Bill and Redia are treating me to lunch tomorrow and I get to choose the restaurant. I’m thinking it will be Bob Evans; they always serve a good lunch.

Red had another fall, this time in the kitchen. He said he got tired and decided to lie down, but in doing so the table and chairs got pushed around and his head pretty near made contact with the stove. He was moving very slowly for a few days, and was sore and hurting.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter Sunday and hope you had a beautiful day. We went to Little Pilgrim Home Church at Ruggles, where not too many attended and there were very few preachers.

It was a really gorgeous day, the sky one big expanse of blue with not cloud in sight. The sun was shining but it was still a bit cool.

Monday was an entirely different story — cold and windy, and lately all we’ve had is rain.

I’ve been doing a bit of dusting (not that it was needful, oh yeah!). We’re supposed to get company if nothing happens. Charles and Delores are coming to visit for a few days. We always really love having them. I guess I’ll put some dried apples on to soak and see what else I can cook ahead. Maybe a pot of soup beans, green beans, macaroni and cheese and bake a ham. Of course I won’t serve both beans at one meal.

Bill and Redia usually stop by, and Catharine usually stops by. About the only green beans that girl will eat are Mamaw’s and Papaw’s.

I called all my brothers and sisters and got to talk to all three girls but no answer from Henry or Ron. Maybe next time.

I’ve been working on a quilt for Valerie’s birthday, but I don’t know if I’ll get it finished in time. I may have to get it to her later. It’s a queen size, and to get it hemmed (by hand) I may have to work the night shift. When this is finished, I plan to sit myself down and get some letters written.

Have a glad day, a fine week, share a smile and handshake or hug. With love and prayers to each and everyone.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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