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Engles can’t make Memorial Day trip

Northeast Ohio

I’m feeling a mite down right now, but it’s something that will go away. We won’t be going to Letcher County Memorial Weekend. Red is just not up to making such a long trip. He gets all worn out just going to the drugstore, and that’s only a very short distance from our home.

I’m going to miss seeing the mountains and will miss seeing everyone. I really do wish everyone a great weekend with family and friends and I hope the weather is beautiful.

Speaking of weather, we’ve been having our share of cold winds, rain, thunder and lightning, even some tornadoes touched down around us. Lorain was one of the cities in line for one, but thanks to the Protector of all it missed us. It’s cold and cloudy here right now.

I forgot the birthday one of our great-grandsons, which was May, 7. Belated happy ninth birthday to Dakota Alan, and happy birthday to another great, Joshua Presley who will be eight on May 30.

I hope this finds all well and hope all mothers had a most special Mother’s Day. Mine was just great. Bill and Redia took me out to dinner, and I got a beautiful hanging basket of flowers from Red’s niece, Lena Stallard, of Pound, Va., and a lovely card from Carleta (Engle) Adams, in Eolia, with a beautiful heart-shaped charm, engraved with ‘Mom.’

As I have mentioned before, these two are our adopted daughters. I love both of you very much.

I have talked to Jeanie and Georgia, and both families are doing okay. All of Georgia’s family were there Mother’s Day, and Jeanie’s daughter Christy went from her home in Indiana to Louisville and cooked dinner for her mom. I’m sure they let Phil have something to eat, even if it was the leftovers.

You should see our mustard patch. It’s the one green spot in our garden. It looks as though we will have plenty, which is good because I need to put some in freezer. I used my last pack recently.

Red is hoping to be able to plant a few short rows of white half runners around the 25th. If he isn’t up to it I will do the planting.

Bill and Redia came by for about an hour and I walked outside with them, and what a diff erence a few hours can make! The sun was shining and it was really warm.

Wow! The Jenkins Lady Cavaliers must be a group of great athletes. I saw a picture of my great-niece, Hillary Brashear, with her mom (Kim) and dad (French Joe), signing to play softball for Pikeville College, a picture of Emily Walker also signing to play for Pikeville College, and volleyball player Lauren Sparks signing with the same college.

Way to go, girls! Congratulations! Such beautiful girls. Kim, you still look like a young girl yourself, but with your two active ones you probably don’t have time to age.

I got a call from Clara Pfister of Clarkston, Mich., and she just got home from the hospital a few days ago. She had to have a heart cath. She says she is doing well, but I’m sure she could use a lot of prayers.

I received a call from a lady in Dante, Va., who is originally from Letcher County, and I really enjoyed our conversation. She sounds like such a nice person, but how could she not be as all people from the South are so friendly and we all like to talk?

Pam, I include you in this category. I know you are not Southern born but you have been down home long enough to be one of us. Have you gotten around to saying “y’all” yet? That’s a sure sign.

I have a few birthday wishes for the month of June to send out: Georgia (Hall) Sergent of Lorain, June 6; Hillary Brashear of McRoberts, June 20; Abby, a great-granddaughter of Thelma (Campbell) Watts in Tennessee, on June 21; and our great-grandson Christopher Raymond McAtee in Lorain, on June 28.

May your special day be filled with much happiness, lots of cake and ice cream and wishing you many, many more. I’m sure I missed some and if I did, I still wish all a happy birthday.

It’s time to say so long for now, same time, same place next week. Have a safe one, be happy and keep smiling. Love, prayers and peace to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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