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Engles celebrate wedding anniversary

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, friends and neighbors. I’m hoping this finds all well and enjoying some sunny weather.

Here in Lorain it’s been sunny but rather cool. We were treated to a ferocious storm with thunder, lightning, winds and a downpouring of rain. By morning it was long gone, and had probably ended up in another location.

I just heard the weather forecast, showers turning to snow. No, no, no!

I got several welcome phone calls lately beginning last Friday. One was from longtime friend Joyce “Gaynell” Adkins. She had some news but I had already sent column on the way. Catharine stops by Thursday nights after work as she has to work a double every Friday.

Anyway, Gaynell said she had company from Kentucky, her son Donny Edwards and three sisters, Lavada, Belvia and Alice, and three of Alice’s grandchildren. I’m sure they had a great time talking, eating and whatever else they could get into. She also told me about her granddaughter, Kayla Edwards (Donnie’s daughter), coming in second at a math competition at Prestonsburg, and going on to Louisville to compete in the next level. Way to go, Kayla!

Some of Gaynell’s family celebrated birthdays in March. I’m sending belated birthday wishes to her brother Larry and niece Judy Amburgey, the 18th; her sister Lavada on the 20th; and Lavada’s son, Wayne, on the 21st. I hope all enjoyed their special days.

I sort of goofed when I wrote about the death of Gaynell’s sister-in-law, Lois (Edwards) Mullins. I didn’t know her married name at the time.

Clara Pfister called from Detroit, Mich., and we talked and talked and talked. It’s just like talking to someone from down home. Come to think about it, she is from down home. She’s originally from Isom.

I also got a call from Doris (Phillips) King in Davenport, Iowa. She is one of my former students and also a dear friend. She will be having back surgery and when she’s able after that has to have a hip replacement. Her husband Kernel, or ‘Buddy’ as most people know him, isn’t too well either. Please keep both these precious people in your prayers.

My heartfelt sympathy to the family of 20-year-old Eric Resor in Wellington, Oh. Eric died March 22. Love and prayers to his dad and stepmom, Billy and Debbie Resor; his mother, Dawn Resor of California; his sisters, Tiana and Kristin; his stepbrother and sister, Ben and Cassie Provoznic, all of Wellington; his grandparents, Bill and Helen Resor of Lorain; his other grandparents in Hawaii, his step-grandparents, Richard and Georgia Sergent of Lorain, his aunt and uncle, Joyce (Resor) and Ricky Sergent of Lorain; his aunt, Sharon Resor of Cleveland; and all of his family, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who will always remember and miss him.

Wishing the following a most happy birthday for the month of April: my sister-inlaw, Jonell Sergent in Huntsville, Ala., and Red’s niece, Janet Bea in Virginia on the 2nd; Joyce Sergent in Lorain, on the 10th; Catharine (Engle) Taylor in Lorain, on the 15th; Phillip Shortt in Pound, Va., cousin Bill Sergent’s granddaughter, Brooke, in North Carolina, and me, all on the 16th; Valerie Engle in Lorain, on the 17th; Jettie Sergent in North Ridgeville on the 18th; Beulah Bentley in Jackson, and Gene Caudill in Florida on the 21st; Betty Wells in Means, on the 25th; and my niece, Kim (Goins) Brashears, in McRoberts, on the 26th. Let’s party!

Anniversary congratulations to Billy Wayne and Redia Engle, Elyria, on April 1, and to Vincent and Amanda Roberts of Shelbiana, on April 12. Wishing all a long and loving life.

Oops, I just looked outside and I’m going to close the drapes, as I don’t particularly care to see what I’m a’looking at. Yes, our lawn is white again. I sure hope this will be the end of the snow, as we’ve had enough for at least two winters. Maybe the next winter will be snowless or very little. One can dream, can’t one?

I’m finally getting pretty well caught up on my letter writing, and try to get two or three written each day.

It’s getting about time for Catharine to show up, so I’d better get a move on and finish this. Wishing for all a blessed peaceful week with lots of warmth and sunshine. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440)233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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