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Engles dining on fresh mustard greens

Hello! It’s me again and I’m hoping all are well and had a terrific time with family and friends during the holiday weekend and that all picnics and get-togethers weren’t spoiled by rain or sickness.

We are having absolutely perfect weather here, temperatures in high 70s to mid 80s. My kind of weather! There is maybe some chance of rain, but that’s okay, as some rain is needed for gardens.

Speaking of gardens, I picked a small mess of mustard greens, have them cooked and chopped, ready for the final step, which I plan to do for dinner today.

I haven’t seen Bill and Redia for a while, but I know they were extremely busy getting ready to move into the new store building by June 1. I personally think it will be a good move, as he will have much more space and it’s more easily accessible.

I talked to Georgia this morning, and she and Richard and all their family are well. I believe she said Ricky, Debbie and their families will all be going to southern Ohio for a family reunion. I believe it’s Helen Resor’s late parents’ gettogether. Helen is Joyce and Billy’s mom.

We have no plans at all for the weekend. The fact is, I am no longer making plans, and will just take it day by day.

I have talked to Jeanie twice this week, and she was telling me about a unique experience she had during dialysis. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, when she was suddenly awakened by being administered to by the nurse. She asked what happened and was told that she was on her way to talk to Jesus. Jeanie told the nurse that she talks to Jesus every day, and the nurse said, “But not face to face.” Her blood pressure had just about bottomed out.

Now Jeanie, it’s a most wondrous thing to know you will one day get to meet and talk with Jesus face to face, but not just yet, okay?

I talked to her again yesterday, and she had been to see a doctor. She didn’t have good news to report. She will be having surgery June 4 on her left arm, which has been used since she started dialysis and is in very bad condition.

So they are now taking care of that and getting the right arm ready to use. I feel so sorry for her because she will have both arms out of commission at the same time. It will be like taking care of a baby. Well, I guess she is Phil’s baby and I also feel sorry for him, but he’s a good guy and I’m sure he will do his best.

I know you can do what has to be done, Phil. I have much confidence in you. If it gets to be too much, ask friends and neighbors for help.

I called Sarah Belle, and she did go to Jackson on Saturday, and had no trouble either way. She found out the trip wasn’t as long as she thought it would be.

The viewing for our cousin, Verta Profitt Crosier, was on Saturday. Sarah got to see and visit with the only two boys of the Profitt family still living, Denver and Lorene of Romulus, Mich., and Darrell and Janice of Whitesburg. She also met and talked with Verta’s husband and family.

Red just called his sister Jean, and she had fallen again. These two must be a lot of kin (ha!), as they both seem to fall a lot. Maybe we should check their coffee cups once in awhile.

Red also talked to Charles this morning, and he and Delores are both well. I would imagine Delores is getting set to cook up a storm for the picnic. She really does make some mouthwatering desserts, which is the best part of any meal.

I had to take time out to make a food run, yes, I had to go shopping. Red and I both have a bad habit, we like to eat, and this is one habit that is hard to break, but then who wants to? Not me!

I had planned to get some letters in the mail today, but I had an eight o’clock appointment and didn’t get home till ten or later. I had to have a late breakfast and got only one letter written. As the old saying goes, “The check’s in the mail,” but in this case, it’s the letter that’s in the mail. (ha!)

We put out eight tomato plants and four bell peppers, and if they grow as fast as the mustard we’ll be having some fresh veggies soon. Our beans are just now coming up. Don’t you just love fresh garden produce?

Hello to Patty Eubank, Don and Ava Blair, Betty Wells, James and Janice Jordan, Nellie Banks, Thelma Watts, Rose Ballard, Oma Hatton, all my Sergent family, all the Engle family, and I could go on and on and on, but it’s best I should stop now.

Have a great week. Schools will be ending soon so keep a sharp eye out for the future citizens and leaders of our country. Try to keep them safe and happy. Love and prayers, Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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