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Engle’s Discount closing its doors after 30 years

Northeast Ohio

Howdee y’all. Well, June 21 was officially the first day of summer and it certainly felt it. We did have a short storm, but it was here then gone. Everything is dry; you can’t even tell it ever rained.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the season, especially the little ones.

We had a busy week for us; we’ve been helping to clean out a house. The elderly gentleman who used to live directly across the street from us is now in a nursing home in Washington state. His only daughter and her husband live there; she took him out there about six weeks ago. His wife died in 1998 and we sorta looked out for him.

We still have plenty mustard greens. We picked three big bags, one for two friends to share, one for Bill and Redia and one for us. We will pretty soon have to plow it up, it’s going to seed. We’ll have a late patch, hopefully, it depends on how Red is doing by then.

I had the nicest phone visit with Rose Ballard Durham. We talked, we laughed and I’m looking forward to actually meeting with her again. Should we happen to make another trip to Letcher County, I plan to get in touch with Mattie Hall. I may even get to visit with her. I found out she is a close neighbor of Red’s aunt, Sarah Pack. I also want to get in touch with Loretta Adams and Alvania Shepherd, and will also try again to see cousins Ronny Sergent and Reva Sergent.

A big howdy to Sarah Belle, Jeanie, Anna Lea, Chester, Henry Warren, Richard (Buddy) and Ronald Buford (Buffie). Hope all are well and behavin’, if so I’ll claim you, but if not I’ll have to think about it. Looking forward to seeing everyone come August.

Red talked to his sister Jean. She, her daughter and son-in-law, Terri and Philip Shortt, were leaving for New York. They were going to visit Terri’s youngest daughter and her husband, Vanessa and Bill. Wishing for them a safe trip, beautiful weather and a good visit.

I feel kinda sad right now. After close to 30 years, Engle’s Discount will close its doors July 28 due to falling sales. So many small factories have closed and one of the largest in Lorain closed, the Ford plant. Guess Lorain isn’t the only city to be in dire straits; it’s happening everywhere.

I haven’t done too much quilting with all that’s been going on. Besides helping empty a house and picking mustard greens, I have the usual jobs a housewife is supposed to do like dusting, cooking, washing dishes and doing laundry. And I still do ironing. Ain’t making no claims to being a great housekeeper, just do as little as I can get by with. Just a lazy person.

I didn’t get over to the hollow when we were down, but I will next time. So many memories! I can see a bunch of barefoot kids running around a swept yard (no grass) playing tag, hoopy-hide, Annie over, jumping rope, red rover, playing marbles, the boys with their clicks and wheels and the girls building play houses. I see Dad come in from working in the mines all covered with coal dust and hear Mom calling us to come in and wash our hands ’cause supper was ready. We always had a swing on the porch and would, as many as could, sit in it, look at the starry sky and sing while swinging to and fro. The rest of the family would sit on chairs or the steps. Dad liked to fox hunt some weekends with a group of friends; his favorite hound was Old Dan. When he did this, Mom would sing old songs to us, bake potatoes or make candy. Such precious memories. Of course there were some sad times, but it takes all kinds of emotions to make the world go round. Well, guess that’s my trip down memory lane for this time.

Hello to Nellie Banks, Beulah Bentley, Don and Ava Blair, Edna Grimes, Patty Eubanks, Colleen Craft, Jean Cook, Denver and Lorene Profitt, Ed and Lourene Watts, Gomer Goins, James and Joyce(Gaynell) Fields, Thelma Watts and all her family and to everyone else. May you all have a super day and stay happy and healthy.

Oma Hatton, I do pray you and your husband are doing well.

Till next time, have a lovely summer, stay well, be good to yourselves and to each other.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain Ohio 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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