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Engles enjoy family visit

Northeast Ohio

It is a fairly decent day here with sunshine and no bitter cold winds, all in all a day one can’t complain about. It just breaks my heart whenever I see the havoc created for so many by ‘Sandy,’ and now another one hitting the same places again.

We had company from Sunday until Wednesday. Red’s brother and sister-inlaw, Charles and Delores, were here. Wish I could express just how much we enjoyed their visit and all they did while here.

There were so many things needing attention and now it’s all up and running smoothly. Delores even helped fix four or five skirts that were too large in the waist, and all I could do was try on before and after. Now it’s harder to choose an outfi t because before I had to find one to fit and now I’ve got to decide which to wear. Thanks to both of you, we love you.

I sure didn’t cook much, just on Sunday I baked a ham, cooked green beans (from freezer), mashed potatoes and made macaroni and cheese (from scratch). I bought pies for dessert but did fix some Jell-O with bananas.

Had plenty of lunchmeat and so forth. One day we did have KFC, which I like.

Bill and Redia and Catharine ate with us Sunday and Bill and Redia came down for chicken. I have to admit, I’m just not the cook I used to be. Guess one could say I ain’t the woman I once was.

Red calls me a rack-obones and I tell him I’m his, bones and all.

Richard and Georgia said they would probably stop by tonight. I hope so, else she will miss out on the pumpkin fudge Delores brought. I do believe it’s the best yet, or it could be because it had been awhile with all that’s been going on in both families.

Hello to Dottie Bentley and girl, I hope you are feeling much better. Yep, I heard, I’ve got my sources you know. Please take care, and should I ever get to Antioch Church again I want to see you there. I love you and you will always be in my heart and prayers.

To all precious brothers and sisters and friends at Antioch Church, I want to thank you again for the loving treatment I received there. All three visits I was privileged to attend everyone made me feel so special and welcome.

And Brother Hillard. that includes you too (just kidding). I do love you and will never forget any of you. Maybe a name here and there, this pea brain ain’t working at full capacity anymore.

Take care of my beautiful precious sister Jeanie, as if any of you would do otherwise. Love to all.

Richard and Georgia just left. Also here were Rick and Bailee and her boyfriend Billy. Bailee brought her cheerleading outfit to see if I can do a bit of adjusting on it. Going to try, but may not be able to do anything with it. Where’s Delores?

Dear friend Clara Pfister called, but we didn’t get to talk long as I had company and was busy pinning. Will have to write her a letter.

Got a lot I need to write but seems as though something always seems to go wrong, and I do apologize to all that I should write.

Red just took some garbage out and he says it’s bitter cold. Supposed to be fairly nice days through Sunday, after that who knows?

Got Tom in the fattening pen yet? So far we have made no plans for the holidays. Sure can’t do any shopping and very little cooking.

Catharine just called, and she’s on her way so I had better get myself in gear and finish this.

Have a happy, healthy and warm weekend. Look for me same time, same place next week. Love and prayers to each and everyone and especially my Sergent and Engle families and my church families wherever you might be.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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