Whitesburg KY

Engles expect visitors from Letcher County, Pound, Va.

Northeast Ohio

Hello all, hope you had a good week and hope everyone is well. Our baby granddaughter, Elizabeth, was supposed to come home but had a heart rate drop and has to stay five more days. If she doesn’t have another drop in the five days then she will get to come home. She weighs 4 pounds, 6 ounces now.

Howdy to all my brothers and sisters. I have talked to most of them. Ron called the other evening but I lost him somewhere in Indiana. Hope he’s OK and if anyone should see him, tell him I’m worried about him. I can picture him wandering aimlessly through the countryside. I also talked to Jeanie and almost lost her, but that would have been in her home. Henry Warren called. He said he and his family were all well. I dearly love hearing from family and I also like hearing from friends, old and new.

Red and I went to Little Edna Church, it being an odd Sunday, the fifth in the month of September. They had a very small crowd but I have seen smaller ones. Saturday and Sunday, being the first, will be church at Pleasant View. We’ll probably go if Red is feeling better. He hasn’t been feeling his best for a few days.

I was this close to going to Louisville to see Jeanie. An Old Regular preacher and his wife, Steve and Joan Slone, were going down for church at Antioch where Steve belongs, leaving early Saturday and coming back after church Sunday. I was ready to say yes, then thought more about it. Jeanie has four hours of dialysis Saturday morning and is not at her best the rest of the day. I wasn’t sure how she would feel Sunday. I decided to wait until I can go down Sunday or Monday, the only two days together when she’s free.

We’re getting company next Thursday, Red’s three sisters, Nina Hobbs from Jenkins, Mae Sowards from Pound, Va., and Jean Hunsucker from Eolia, along with a niece, Nina’s daughter, Frances Howards, from Jenkins. I’m a’hopin they ain’t plannin’ on me cookin’ any of thet ther city food. I only cook good ole country vittles. Girls, I sure do hope we have some nice weather to welcome you.

I’ve been working on both quilts and have gotten quite a bit done on both. I just might get several finished this winter.

Sending a big hello to a special cousin, Edna Bentley. Hope you had a grand birthday and are having a great day. Tell all your family hello for me. I tried to call Willie Mae in Indiana but got no answer. I will try again. Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass sent or rather gave me her number. I have never met these two but they have become very special to Red and me. I plan to get a letter off to them tomorrow.

It’s another day and the sun is shining brightly but best of all it’s warm.

We stopped by and visited with Bill and Redia. We took them some mustard greens, cooked and chopped. We picked more today. What we can’t or don’t want to eat right away, we will freeze. Just can’t see it going to waste after sowing it. It will taste good this winter with a pot of soup beans and a pone of cornbread. I also like greens with ‘taters, mashed, fried, boiled or however they are fixed. I just plain like ‘taters.

Guess I’ll be going to Amish country with Richard and Georgia and Chester and Jettie. We’ll go for breakfast then do whatever anyone wants. We always go to Miller’s Bakery, that’s where I always get my dried apples. Just hope they have some. We usually visit some shops and Jettie wants to go to the small Lehman’s Hardware. They have two but in different locations. One is huge and you can find almost anything like the stuff we grew up with. I just like looking and remembering how we had one of those or “do you remember this?”. Almost like a trip down memory lane.

Sending happy birthday wishes to the following who will celebrate in October: granddaughter Jennifer (Bill’s daughter) in Elyria, Ohio, on the ninth; dear friend Thelma Campbell Watts in Kingsport, Tenn., on the sixth; brother Richard Sergent in Lorain, Ohio, on the 10th; grandson Chris Engle (Bill’s older son) in Elyria, Ohio, on the 22nd; Red’s nephew Teddy Sowards in Pound, Va., on the 26th. Sisterin law Delores (Hampton) Engle (Charles’ wife) also celebrates in October, but I’m not sure of the day. Hope each and every one has the best birthday ever and may you have many, many more. These same wishes go out to everyone who has an October birthday and congratulations to all who are celebrating anniversaries.

Love and prayers to all the sick, sad or unhappy, may your clouds turn to sunshine and all tears and sadness to a happy heart and smiles. Till next time, peace!

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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