Whitesburg KY

Engles gather for their annual picnic

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’all, we’re back in Lorain after an absolutely fantastic weekend in Letcher County and Virginia; even the weather cooperated.

We left here around 4:00 Thursday morning and checked in the motel around 2 p.m. Friday morning we went to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast and were joined by my sister, Anna Lea, two of Red’s sisters, Nina and Mae, his brother and sister-in-law, Charles and Delores, nieces Lena, Pricey with friend Donald, Terri, Frances and hubby Bill, and nephew Newell.

Anna Lea and I spent some time together just shopping and talking while Red and Valerie drove to Little Shepherd Trail where Bob’s ashes are scattered, and then we met back at Pine Mountain Grill for a late lunch.

Charles and Delores came by and took us to KFC for supper and Sunday night took us out for ice cream. Saturday morning, breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill with all three of Red’s sisters, Nina, Jean and Mae, brother Charles, nieces Lena, Pricey and friend Donald, Frances and Bill, and nephews Newell, Stacy, Tannie and Austin, Gary and Angela and their daughter, Sandy.

I was really hoping to get to see Oma Hatton, Emilie Schmidt, Rose Ballard and Dorothy Potter. Maybe next time.

I did get to see the Brown family. I met them two years ago and am proud to call them friends. They are such a beautiful family! I do hope your visit was a grand one and pray you had a safe trip home.

Love and prayers to Billy C. and Eva Elking from Louisville; Jack D. and Dell Sumpter from Asheville, N.C.; Sandra Moser from Little River, S.C.; William Miller from Pratt, W.Va.; Larry and Margarette Jones from Otisco, Ind.; Darrell and Joyce Fields from Jacksonville, N.C.; Cody and Dottie Austin from Troy, Ala.; Carlos and Judy Brown from Lexington; and Lillian Buford from Lexington. I hope to see all of you next year, same time, same place.

I need to apologize to three lovely ladies for interrupting their meal. I’m sorry, ladies, I wouldn’t have blamed them had they told me to get lost. They are daughters of the late Lansford J. and Alma J. Fields of Big Cowan.

Hello to Rowena Raleigh of Big Cowan, Lovette Wacks of Harlan, and Betty Fugate of Spring City, Tenn.

Sunday we met at the Flat Gap Center in Flat Gap, Va., for the annual Engle picnic. We had a good crowd and enough food to feed almost everyone living at Flat Gap, even chicken and dumplings. About the only thing missing was a pot of soup beans.

Attending the picnic from Eolia were Jean Hunsucker, Gary and Angela Hunsucker, Langley Engle, Creighton and Carleta Adams, Billy Dee Hampton, Benita, Kimberly and Katlin Dickerson, Bennie and Janie Sturgill, Velma and son Trillis Adams.

Attending from Jenkins were Charles and Delores Engle, Nina Hobbs, Bill and Frances Howard, Sandy Holbrook and Justin Hunsucker.

Attending from Partridge were Wendell, Brenda, Kali and Leah Sturgill.

Attending from Isom were Christopher and Mahala Bates. Attending from Blackey were Frankie, Debbie and Mattie Maggard.

Attending from Whitesburg were Jimmy and Tina Baker, and from Lexington was Robert Howard.

From Pound, Va., were Mae Sowards, Lena, Jacob and Hannah Stallard, Susie Craft, Greyson Chester, Wilma Hounshell, Tammie and Austin Sowards, Kevin and Sydney Perry, Phillip and Terri Shortt, Matthew, Tammy, Caity, Maddie, Ally Ben and Eli.

From Wise, Va., were Steven, Cassandra and Kilmeny Sporles, C.L. and Gloria Strough, Finley, Margaret and MaKenna Engle.

From Nicklesville, Va., were Onsby and Irma Perry, and from Norton, Va., were Jim and Janet Bea Bolling.

From Duffield, Va., were Orbin and Kate Engle, and from Prince Charles, Va., was Newell Reed Hampton.

From Whitehouse, Tenn., were Marty and Elizabeth, and from Mount Carmel, Tenn., were Shawn, Tammy, Macy and Cage Perry.

From Johnson City, Tenn., were Darla and Abby Rae and Lee and Elisabeth Sturgill, from Glen Rock, Penn.. were Troy Lynn and Julie Engle, and from New Freedom, Penn., were Pricey Hopkins and Donald Wilson.

And of course from Lorain, Ohio, were Red and Emma Lou Engle and Valerie Engle.

I’m sure I must have omitted a name or two or three and if so will add them later. It was so good to see everyone and get to visit with everyone. We had several singers to entertain us, the husband of Red’s niece, Irma Sowards, Onsby sings at many churches and their daughter Cassandra is also a good singer. Abby Rea, granddaughter of Charles and Delores, played her guitar and sang. I’m sure I missed some as the equipment was set up in another room, but I did hear Charles sing. We’ve been having some fierce rains with thunder and lightning but I did manage to pick a good cooking of mustard greens before it all started. As soon as it dries up there’s lots more that need picking.

Billy Wayne and Redia stopped by and we’ve talked to Georgia and Jettie, everyone seems to be doing well.

I’ve got to get up from here and fix that man of mine some food, it’s supper time and being diabetic he has to eat p retty much on time.

I hope everyone is having a great summer, and I’m wishing you well with love and prayers.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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