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Engles get good report from doctor

Northeast Ohio

My heart aches for all in the South who have endured and lost so much, loved ones, homes, and so many lost everything they owned. It makes me feel ashamed to complain about too much snow, cold weather, winds and too much rain. I guess the only thing I never complain about is the warm and hot weather, which is what I like.

I hope everyone had a good week and that this finds all well. Red and I are doing fairly well at this time. Saw our doctor this week and barring any unforeseen incidents we are good for a few more years. Course the man upstairs may have it diff erently. Oh well, as the saying goes, whatever will be, will be.

Red got his shot for shingles, he just couldn’t face going through this again. He still has trouble with his eye, says it feels as though there’s something in it. Could be a few bumps still there and irritating it. He may have trouble with it for a long time.

I talked to Georgia and she said all her family are doing well.

Bill and Redia came by. Redia had had her lunch, being diabetic she tries to schedule her meals at about the same time every day. Bill had been working at the store and hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so he had a bowl of soup beans and cornbread. We had kraut but he didn’t have any.

Redia’s brother Astor had come up from Columbus for a few days’ visit and sometime this month they are expecting a visit from the girl who was Redia’s bridesmaid about 43 years ago, Mary Turner, who is also from the Columbus area.

Red and I went to the mall. We had to find something to wear that fit. It sure doesn’t take me long to shop anymore. I find what I want or need and I’m out of there, whereas I used to spend hours browsing and maybe purchasing an item or two, or three.

We had a thunder, lightning, wind and rainstorm. The rain was needed, as our mustard patch was appearing to be a might thirsty, but it’s coming up really well.

When we got home from the mall, our mail was in the box. Thank you to Emilie Schmidt of Shepherdsville, and there was a package from Williamsburg. Yes, that was from Don and Ava Blair. Thank you so much for the assortment of beautiful cards, and the file box to keep them. The only thing I can find fault with is the very neat way some people can wrap packages.

You should see my efforts. The fact is, I do such a shoddy job I’ve given up and turned that chore over to Catharine. I can’t even tape a box neatly.

I want to wish all mothers, grandmothers, greats and expectant mothers a terrific Mother’s Day. Of course by the time you read this Mother’s Day will have come and gone, but I still hope you had a good one.

I have been quilting some, but I’m slow and can’t do my small neat, stitches, but I’m doing it.

Redia just called and said that they had planned to take me out to eat Sunday, but when thinking it over they realized all restaurants will be so crowded on Sunday so they decided to go Saturday if that met with my approval, which of course it did.

I haven’t heard from any of my away family in a few days. As the old saying goes, ‘no news is good news.’ I do hope that’s the way it is.

We did visit Chester and Jettie last Saturday. Chester is doing really well but Jettie is suff ering from a really bad case of allergies.

Red has talked to Charles and Jean, and his niece, Lena Stallard called from Pound, Va.

I took time out to make supper. Big mistake, as I ate too much and now all I want to do is grab a quick, short nap.

I’m wishing you all a perfect week with lots of love, sunshine and peace. May your nights be tranquil and filled with sweet sleep and happy dreams. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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