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Engles have first mess of green beans this year

Northeast Ohio

Another week has flown by, and I do hope it was a good one for all.

It was Little Edna Church time, the fourth Saturday and Sunday, but we didn’t get to go. Red was having a bad day. It was their sacrament time, and I’m sure they had a good crowd and probably some visiting preachers. I haven’t talked to anyone this week, so really don’t know.

Last week was one for bad news. Red’s nephew, Ray Hampton of Maryland, died last Saturday. He was a pretty bad diabetic and was on dialysis. They had removed his left leg above the knee, and later had to remove one of his toes on the right foot and then later his foot.

His sister Lena and her son, Matthew, both of Pound, Va., went up, and Red’s sister Jean from Eolia, and her daughter, Teri Shortt, also of Pound, Va., went with them. His funeral was Tuesday, and then he was being cremated.

I send my love and heartfelt sympathy to all the family, and also to the family of Sherry Lee Boos who died on July 26. She was the daughter of an Old Regular Baptist preacher and his wife, Hargis and Bobbie Tuttle, who live in Wakeman.

They lost their other daughter, Debra Meltzer, in 2008 when she was struck down by lightning. They have one son, James who lives in Prestonsburg.

My heart really goes out to them as I know what it’s like to lose a child. But to lose two a year apart is almost too much to bear.

I talked to Richard and Georgia, and Georgia has a bad sinus infection and an aching back. Richard can hardly use his right arm, and said that his shoulder hurts really bad. I’m hoping they will find what is wrong.

We got our first mess of green beans from our garden and called Bill and Redia to come over and have dinner with us. One of Redia’s favorite foods is green beans. I had to pick more beans today, and may put them in the freezer.

Ricky, Joyce and their four, plus Debbie’s three, all got home from their vacation last Saturday. They’d spent some time at a water park in Santa Claus, Ind. Debbie went with them but came back on Wednesday. They said they really enjoyed their vacation.

The sun is shining here today, but temperatures are only in the 70s.

Georgia just called and said that they had just gotten home from seeing the doctor. They said Richard could have tendonitis or it could be his rotor cup. He has to wait for results of the x-rays to know for sure. He got a shot and prescriptions for pain. I sure hope it’s nothing serious.

I got the sweetest letter today from a dear friend, and a couple of newspapers, “The Country Register.” I had never heard of or seen one before. It was interesting and had some recipes that sound good enough to eat. Thanks, Emilie. I’m sending my love and a big hug your way.

It’s almost time for the Engle-Sergent picnic so this will probably be the last time I’ll mention it. Remember that it will be on Sunday, Aug. 16, at Hilltop Park in Elyria, from noon till dark.

I hope to see a big crowd, and while on the subject of picnics, I just found out the date of the Letcher County picnic. It will be on Saturday, Sept. 12, at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion, from 1 p.m. to whenever.

Catharine is here so I’d better hush up and get this finished. So in closing, have a blessed day, stay well and happy and hope to see a big crowd at the picnic. Love and prayers to all.

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