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Engles mark 65th wedding anniversary

Well, another week has gone by and it seems they are getting shorter all the time. It has been the most interesting week I’ve had in some time.

We received so many beautiful anniversary cards and wish to thank each and every one for their thoughtfulness. As you probably read, Jan. 26 was our 65th anniversary. We really did not do very much celebrating as both of us were sort of down and out.

Tuesday morning Red took our garbage can to the curb to be emptied and while turning it around so the truck could pick it up, he fell with the container on top of him and couldn’t get up. Luckily a woman from up the street on her way to work stopped to help, then a man stopped and together they got him up.

The man placed the garbage container and the woman walked him to the house. He has a sore left shoulder and sore aching ribs.

In the afternoon, after garbage was emptied and I was going out to bring container back, I stepped on the patio and what had been a wet spot earlier was then an icy spot, and of course I had to step on it and down I went right on my keister. I really hit hard and my left palm hit the concrete so now I have a sore backside and a blue, swollen, achy hand. I do declare, it looks like we just might need a baby-sitter. (Nah!) Northeast Ohio

I talked to dear friend Gaynell of Indiana, and the next day got a very nice call from a Lonnie Wayne Mullins, of Birmingham, not far from Lorain. He is a cousin to Gaynell and originally from Letcher County, and is such a pleasant, nicetalking man.

It was just like talking to a downhome friend. Red and I are both hoping we will get to meet Lonnie and his wife soon.

I got another call, which gladdened my heart no end. Loretta Adams of Whitesburg called to tell me that her son, who has been so seriously ill for so long, is now on the road to recovery. Will wonders never cease! Loretta, you and your family will still be in our prayers and I sincerely hope the recovery will be complete real soon.

I almost forgot that yesterday being our 65th, our grandson, Chris, posted on Facebook that he wanted us to received 65 phone calls. We surpassed that, and some times both phones would be ringing.

Red was on the landline and I was on my cell phone. As soon as one call ended the phone would ring again. The calls were from friends, relatives and strangers. Thank you, Chris, you are a good one.

I also want to thank Bill and Redia for bringing a chicken dinner and Catharine for a Chinese supper. It was so thoughtful and we really did appreciate the food and the company.

I just received my Mountain Eagle of Jan. 19, and saw the obituaries of people I knew. One was Versa (Profitt) Turner, a first cousin, which I knew about already, and the other was Maerine (Spencer) Shortt. I had known her since we were very young. She and her family lived just the other side of Millstone Hill from us.

Our dad worked in the mines at Seco and had to spend the week with Grandma Sergent (Sillar) at Millstone as there was no way to drive over the mountain, just a sled, horseback and now and then maybe a wagon.

So Dad left his old truck parked at the Joel Spencer place on weekends. Some of us kids would go over with him to bring his ride, a mule, back home. I don’t think we ever owned a horse. This is how we got to know the Spencers, and they were a really, really nice family. Maerine and I were really close in age so we sort of paired off.

After we came to Lorain, anytime I was in Whitesburg and would run into her we would talk forever. I do know her sweet sister Carlene Carty (Buddy). I used to see them at church but not lately as we haven’t been able to attend. My heartfelt sympathy to all the family, also to any and all who have lost a loved one.

Don’t forget the Engle- Sergent picnic, which will be on July 31, which is a Sunday, starting at noon until at least 4:45 p.m. I’m hoping to see lots of Engles, Sergents and friends. I’ll be looking for you.

Time waits for no one, so I’d better hush up for now.

Love, prayers and a warm week to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548,emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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