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Engles mourn loss of a dear friend

We just lost a very dear and a very special friend.

On Saturday night, June 12, around nine o’clock at Kingston of Ashland, Ohio, Phyllis Mae Clark, 74, of Nova, Ohio, said good-bye to this old world of aches, pains, tears, troubles and sorrow, to journey to a new home where none of these will be no more. Phyllis leaves behind so many who will miss and grieve for her, her loving husband, Milford. They would have celebrated 20 years of marriage on November 7. She also leaves one daughter, Debra Carter, Florida; son Richard Cline, Dennison; stepchildren Sandra, Beverly, Carolyn, Dwayne, Julie, Chuck, Clara, Dorothy and Beth.

Phyllis was from a family of three girls and seven boys. They were the children of the late Lester Paul and Ivarene Mae Beltz and her first husband C.W. Kline. Three brothers have gone on before her, leaving two sisters, Maud Higgins and Jane Malone, both of Marion, Ohio, four brothers, Sam of Marion, Ohio, Ray of New Bloomington, Paul and David of Alabama.

I got to talk with both Maud and Jane and their brother Paul. What a pleasant and so likable group they were. I felt an instant connection as though I had known them for a long long time.

The funeral for Phyllis was last Wednesday morning at Little Pilgrim Home Old Regular Baptist Church in Ruggles, Ohio, where she was a member. The body was then taken to Marion, Ohio where she was to be buried in a Chapel Heights Cemetery. Red and I did not attend the funeral. We went to the church Tuesday where she was for the viewing.

You’ve probably read about Milford and Phyllis and another special couple, Darrell and Vivian Hall, who were with us during our youngest son, Bob’s, final days and beyond. Don’t know how we could have made it without them sharing our tears, prayers and just being there. We’ll never forget them and I’m not saying good-bye to Phyllis, just so long, see you soon!

It’s a fairly warm day here, sometimes clouds and some sun. Personally I would prefer more warmth, but we takes what we gets. At least it’s not raining.

Our garden is looking really good, everything seems to be growing as it should. Talked to Georgia and said she would be by this afternoon to pick some mustard. Goody goody, now I can skip a day or two. Fact is, I have a good full cooker all ready to eat. Want some? You are most welcome to come pick.

Before I forget, happy Father’s Day to all dads, granddads, greats and especially to all dads to be who are waiting for the moment they can hold their brand new son or daughter and say ‘I’m your Dad’. I do know Father’s Day will have come and gone by the time you read this, but I do hope your day was special.

Talked to Bill. He and Redia picked up a load of work clothes this morning and being the kind, caring mom I am, I didn’t talk too long. I just couldn’t bear to keep them from their work. Redia said Bill was working her too hard, in other words she was working her backside off . That’s a bad thing as she really can’t afford to lose any; Redia is a small, petite person.

Rose Ballard, what a nice thing to say, really I can be a bit unladylike at times. I was really hoping to see you this year. I met you and immediately felt as though I had known you forever. I consider you a very special friend.

We haven’t heard from the Engle or Sergent family this week, oops! Better correct that, I did talk to Jeanie Sunday and Red’s nieces Carleta and Lena have both called us.

It’s now 6:30 p.m. and the sun is out, brighter than it has been all day.

We went to Little Pilgrim Home Church at Ruggles, Sunday past. It was their union meeting and we got to see some special people, Jonny and Audry Bentley of Michigan, the daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter of Ralph and Leona Caudill and Brenda and Billy Miller.

Richard and Georgia just left. I helped her pick two good sized bags of mustard greens, so now she will have enough to share with her family if they like greens.

It’s almost time for Miss Catt to be showing up on our doorstep so I gotta hurry up and get this finished. She just drove in and looks kinda tired.

Hope everyone had a great week and will have an even better one next week and do hope all the little ones are enjoying their summer vacation. Stay safe, stay well, be good to one another and may you have a peaceful life.

Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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