Whitesburg KY

Engles, Sergents enjoy picnic

Northeast Ohio

Good morning to all, hope this finds everyone well and having a sunny morning.

We have finally gotten enough rain to make everything perk up including the grass which is coming out in full force now, which means we have to mow oftener.

We even have mushrooms in our front lawn, some white ones yesterday and brown ones today. Don’t think I’ll pick and fix any. Do not like mushrooms and know absolutely nothing about what’s edible and what isn’t.

Our picnic is now just a good memory. Attendance was down this year, but we still had food galore and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We did miss Anna Lea and Henry Warren being with us.

We had two from Huntsville, Ala., Ronald Buford and Johnell Sergent; one from Amherst, Alyssia Bonomolo (hope the spelling is right); Mary Turner from Columbus; lots from Elyria, Billy Wayne and Laredia Engle, Jennifer Engle, Steven, Lisa and Joshua Engle, Julia Engle, Lydia Aley, Meagan McAtee, Brooklyn Engle and Alex; from Lorain, Willie H. ‘Red’ and Emma Lou (Sergent) Engle, Richard Ray and Georgia (Hall) Sergent, Valerie Engle, Catharine (Engle) Taylor, Richard Allan and Joyce (Resor) Sergent, Loren, Jordan, Bailee and Brandon Sergent, Dave Kulak, Billy Joe and Wanda Hall, Fritz McAtee, Christopher, Chris Jr., Jayden Jordan, Willa ‘Winkie’ Harrington and Ovene Hamilton; from North Ridgeville, Jettie (Quillen) Sergent, Mike and Lisa Conway; from North Olmstead, Tianna Resor, Sarah Scott, Haley Tregger; from Huron, Keith, Tammy, Bethany and Brianna Graham; from Louisville, Phil and Jeanie (Sergent) Adams; from Jeffersonville, Ind., Christy Ann Adams; from Vermilion, Ronny and Mary Vanover; from Wellington, Billy and Debbie (Sergent) Resor, Cassie Provoznic and fiancĂ© Michael Coly, Kristin Resor and boyfriend Jacob Bates of Lorain.

I found two names I al- most left out, Jennifer Dean and son Miles Dean from Amherst.

Could have missed some and if so I apologize.

All in all it was a happy and fun weekend. We had 22 here Sunday night. Was sure the house was shrinking.

Neither of us has been too energetic this week. Just do what has to be done and leave the rest for later.

Red is napping now and I do think I’ll lie down for a short nap (an hour or two).

Must send a big thank you to dear friend Clara Pfister of Clarkston, Mich., for the beautiful potholders she sent for me to give a set to each of my female relatives. All absolutely loved them, the colors and the shapes — hearts. Clara, you are now a celebrity with my family. Love you!

Red’s brother Charles had surgery at the Veterans Hospital in Johnson City, Tenn. Quite a long and complicated procedure, but Delores just called and said everything went well. Please keep both Charles and Delores in your prayers.

His sister Nina also needs prayers. She is now in Letcher Manor Nursing Home and is not doing well at all. Her daughter Frances, who is her only living child and has been taking care of her, also needs prayers.

Red and I send our love and prayers to all his family and also to mine.

Sometimes Jeanie has a really bad day at dialysis, but mostly everything will be bearable. Have spoken to both her and Ron since they got home and I do believe both were happy to be there.

I think both got held up for quite some time in Columbus because of an overturned semi. I think maybe Ron and Johnell may have spent the night in Cincinnati, but Christy took Phil and Jeanie on to Louisville as she had to be back to work Tuesday morning.

Talked to Georgia today. Said she and Richard would be by soon so I’d better get a move on and get some supper cooked before they and Catharine show up.

Don’t forget the Letcher County picnic, which will be held Sept. 8 at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion. It’s from 1 to 5 p.m., or maybe later than five. Sure hope there’s a good crowd.

Had planned to get some letters written this week but yesterday all I could do was sleep. Guess the weekend caught up with me. Now who am I trying to kid? It was nothing but a big dose of laziness. Soon!

Wishing all a blessed, healthy, happy week. And the good Lord willing, I’ll be back same time, same place, next week.

Be good to one another, love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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