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Engles, Shortts mark wedding anniversaries

Northeast Ohio

Good morning, and a cool one it is. We’ve been having cool nights and mornings but by afternoon temps are usually in the 70s. Guess we know what’s coming next, huh?

Late again anniversary wishes. First of all, belated anniversary congratulations to Charles and Delores Engle in Jenkins, who celebrated their 45th year on Sept. 2. Also, Phillip and Terri Shortt in Pound, Va., will celebrate on Sept. 29. Wishing all many, many years together and may each one be happier than the one before.

Also late on some birthdays. My nephew Tim Sanders in Arizona and Red’s nephew Creighton Adams in Eolia both had birthdays on the 2nd, Richard’s granddaughter Lauren Sergent in Lorain, Ohio on the 4th, my first cousin Thelma Sergent Lundy in Salem, Ind., on the 20th, Red’s sister Nina Hobbs in Jenkins on the 21st, his sister Mae Sowards in Pound, Va., on the 23rd, and Georgia Bentley Starry in Alexandria, Va., on the 26th. Wishing for each of you a fun-filled day with family, friends and lots of cake and ice cream and may you live to be 103.

Red and I went to Little Edna Church. It was an odd weekend and they had a very small crowd and only three preachers, moderator, Hobart Justice, assistant moderator, Jesse Pack and Steve Slone from Antioch Church in Louisville. He and his sweet wife Joan are now living in Wakeman, Ohio. Such a nice couple. We did have a good meeting. It doesn’t take a full house and a dozen preachers to do that. This weekend is Pleasant View Church time, I’m not sure we’ll get to go but hope so.

The first of the week, our expected great grand baby decided she was going to make an appearance now, but while Jennifer was in the delivery room her doctor gave her some medicine to stop everything. The baby is less or maybe by now up to three pounds, much too small. Due date is Oct. 9. So if you will, when you say your prayers please include Jennifer and the baby and ask that everything will be all right. Thank you.

Hello to Mildred Perdue in Virginia, Emilie Schmidt in Kentucky, Kernel “Buddy” and Doris Kin in Iowa, James and Janice Jordan in Indiana, and Gerri Cossins in Ohio. And to all the Sergent and Engle families near and far and also to all my e-mail, phone and mail friends. I have been writing some catch-up letters now that my hands are getting better after my fall. Hurt both when I tried to catch myself, left one was worse and still gives trouble. I have been doing some quilting.

I had a most delightful visit with Nellie Banks, Bloomington, Ind. We cooked, did some sewing, worked in the garden, did some canning, went shopping and even went to a stiroff. I know the older generation will know what I’m talking about and for those who don’t, it’s all about making molasses. And the stir-off is when the making is finished and if you’ve never taken a piece of cane stack and dipped it in the new foaming barrel of freshly made molasses and eaten off the stalk, a yearly treat. Mmm, mmm, mmm good!

The visit Nellie and I shared was all by phone, I’m sure we could have talked for hours. We have a lot in common, grew up in the same way and I’m sure a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about. We didn’t have very much, but I never remember being hungry or not having school clothes and a good dress for Sunday school. Before cold weather we all got new shoes for school even though we did have our Sunday shoes. We believed we had everything we needed, which we did. We never knew we were poor because everyone around us lived the same way. We knew all our neighbors and when help was needed in one family everyone in the community pitched in. We never locked our doors, even if we were going to Millstone for an overnight with Grandma Sergent. Fact is, there were no locks. Not so nowadays, if one has to go the store even close to home, doors are locked.

I was so sorry to learn about the death of Corsie (Croucher) Collins. She was a member of a lovely family and such a big part of Stuart Robinson School. My deepest sympathy to all her family.

Just got a call from Richard and Georgia. They plan to stop by so I’d better finish this. But before I do, I have special request from Red. If anyone knows a word of prayer, please remember his sister Nina Hobbs in Jenkins. She is not doing well at all.

Until next time, same time, same place, in the meantime have a great week, love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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