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Enjoy your kids

Once again I find myself pondering what to write about. I can write about almost anything, but sometimes that anything evades me completely, and I just sit and stare at my keyboard until I come up with an idea.

Sometimes what I write doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to a lot of people, but still, I like to write, and sometimes I step on a few toes in the process.

Maybe I won’t wind up swinging from a sycamore tree with a noose around my neck and the buzzards picking my bones.

Anyway, I think I will write about one of my favorite subjects — children.

I love children, anybody’s children, because they are all precious to me. Having been abused both mentally and physically while growing up, I like to see happy children enjoying life to the fullest without any fear of reprisal from an evil-minded adult.

Our children are our future, and if we don’t treat them with respect they sure aren’t going to grow up to treat others with respect.

As I have stated before, a child can come up with some off-the-wall shenanigans as well as showing their ingenuity.

One morning I was having some oatmeal when my grandson, Zeik, asked for a taste of it, after which he deposited it in the nearest trash can with a disgusted expression on his face. He said it tasted awful, but I told him I had to eat it because of my high cholesterol.

He said, “Well, I don’t,” and walked off. But with a little flavoring he has since learned to eat oatmeal. I guess since his sister, Brittany loves it, he ought to at least give it another try to be fair about the matter.

He started walking when he was eight months old and Papaw hasn’t gotten to slow down since, because he was continually on the move.

He slept in a crib beside my bed, and somewhere he got the idea that he was a squirrel, because he was climbing out of his crib before he was a year old. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how he was doing it because his chin was barely above the sides of the crib.

One night I was all stretched out and relaxed with my back toward him, and heard a slight rustle so I turned my head toward where he was supposed to be without rolling over, and sure enough he was gone. I glanced up toward the top of the railing, and there he laid on his stomach with his legs crossed behind him and holding on to the front crib railing with his hands to balance himself.

After he had climbed out a dozen or so more times, I pretended to be asleep one night, and it wasn’t long before I knew how he was climbing out of his crib. He had several stuffed animals in the crib with him, and as I watched he stacked all of the stuffed animals into one corner to make himself a stairway to climb up on so as to be high enough to get his left over the top railing of his crib.

Once he got that leg over the rail, he was gone in a flash.

I didn’t get mad at him, instead I laid there and laughed at him. I had to admire him too, a child that young figuring a way out of a tight spot. My main concern was that he might fall and break something he would probably need real bad, so after that the toy population decreased drastically when it became bedtime.

Children are amazing and wonderful, so if you readers have small children, enjoy them while you can, because they walk on your toes while they are small, and walk on your heart as they get older.

Here’s a little humor to go with all of this trivia:

Two little boys were walking around the neighborhood and came upon some men working. One of them was welding, and each time he started to weld he would say, “Watch me now,” meaning to look the other way.

The little boys stood there spellbound because they had never seen anyone weld before, and they loved the bright flashes.

After they had been standing there awhile, one elbowed the other one and said, “You watch him awhile. I can’t see a thing.”

And that is all from the funny farm till next time.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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