Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Enjoyed mustard greens from a late harvest

Northeast Ohio

It’s me again, coming to you from Lorain, Ohio. We’ve had rain most of the day. It’s now turning cooler, after a 90 and above temperature for yesterday. Guess that’s the way it will be ’til really cold weather comes a callin’. Just hope it’s not too cold and won’t stay around too long.

I got to see our baby. I went to Cleveland with Bill and Redia. Her name is Elizabeth Grace Ann Engle and she’s up to four pounds. We got to hold her, I have dolls in my collection bigger and heavier than her. Don’t know how long she will be in Rainbow Babies Hospital, but I’m pretty sure she will have to gain more weight before she can come home.

A belated happy birthday to Bill Johnson of Litchfield, Ohio, a good ole Millstone boy. His family had a surprise party for him with way over a hundred attending and from what I hear, there was lots of good country grub. If there’s one thing we hill people like to do it’s eat. Bill’s friend Joe Bates called him from Louisiana and a brother-in-law called from Pound, Va. Lots of relatives came from Kentucky.

Our truck driver grandson, David (Bob), just called us from New York. Since he was here for a visit he’s been to Kentucky, Indiana, Chicago, Oklahoma and now New York. That boy shore do git around.

Hello to cousin Edna Bentley at the Masonic Home, Masonic, Ky. Hope you had a happy birthday and congratulations on being a young 99.. I called her and she has such a young-sounding voice and can remember better than I do. I had tried to call her daughter, Willie Mae, in Indiana but kept getting a busy signal. Maybe next time. Hello, Bobby Pass, hope everything is going well with you and your new venture.

Red and I went to Little Edna and will most likely go again this Sunday. This being a odd Sunday, they had a good crowd, pretty singing and a good meeting.

I sincerely hope Lavinia Welch is improving. Her body may mend in time, but I’m sure her heart never will be whole again. So very, very sad to lose a child. Guess that’s something a mother never gets over. Hello, Oma Hatton, I read where you had seen my sister, Anna Goins. Is she behaving herself? Greetings to Gladys Smith and Rose Ballard Durham. Hope things are going better for the both of you. Rose, I hope your Letcher County picnic was a huge success. I really enjoyed ours this year but I do believe I’m going to have to stop being one of the workers. Next year. I plan on just being a guest so I can sit around eat and visit.

Red talked to his brother, Charles. He said it was warm and sunny down there, not so here. It’s rainy, dreary and pretty cool.

I have been doing some quilting I got pretty much done on one but haven’t touched the other one. Course I was downstairs doing laundry. I still have several tops to quilt and finished blocks to put together. I may finish all and maybe not; someone else will have to work on them or they just might end up in a trash heap. I’m not sure if any of my nieces are into quilting. My sisters aren’t and neither are my daughters-inlaw or granddaughters. Guess they could have a sale.

I just talked to Richard. They had just gotten back from taking Chester to Cleveland Clinic for his yearly checkup. Everything is fine but he still has to go back next year. He’s prone to aneurysms.

We had fresh mustard greens from Red’s late patch. Looks as though I will have plenty to put in the freezer and all we will want to eat.

We visited Chester and Jettie this week. They are both doing well except Jettie is losing weight and she’s not dieting. Sure hope there’s nothing seriously wrong.

I’ve got some letters to write if my brain doesn’t decide to take a nap). So for now will say so long, sending love and prayers your way. Peace!

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain Ohio 44055, 1-440-233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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