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Enjoyed talking with sister in Indianapolis


SISTERS — Rachel Brown, 5, and her sister, Hannah, 15 months, are the granddaughters of Joanne and Donald Brown of Indianapolis, Ind.

SISTERS — Rachel Brown, 5, and her sister, Hannah, 15 months, are the granddaughters of Joanne and Donald Brown of Indianapolis, Ind.

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. We have pretty sunshine today (Friday), but I think we will have more rain on Saturday and Sunday.

I don’t have any birthday parties and no baby showers this week to write about. We are waiting now for the arrival of the little son of Julie and Jamie Hatton. I don’t think I have any more on the way now.

Our good friend Bro. Eugene Knowls is in the hospital. I sure hope he is doing better. He is sure missed in church. Also, one of our young girls from church, Rachel Fields, has been in the hospital. She had surgery and is now home, hopefully feeling much better. She has been really sick.

My sister Louise Shepherd had a visit from her son Jerry Shepherd. She really enjoyed the visit. We parents love it when our children come to visit us and hate to see them leave.

Louise went to Tennessee with her friends Nanetta Dingus and Karen to celebrate her birthday. She enjoyed it.

I have more birthdays of great-grandchildren Caroline Nelson of Alabama May 3, Sonia Bevins of Ashland May 4, Sam Mullins of Whitesburg May 5, and Elsie Hill of Lexington May 15. It’s hard for me to keep up with all 15 of them.

It’s getting close to Election Day. I hope everyone that’s able gets out to vote. It’s our privilege to help pick our leaders and we have our choices. So go vote!!

My son Larry Hatton and wife Linda went to a Lexington hospital to visit Linda’s sister Tina Belle Adams and I was so glad she is showing improvement. I know her mother Geneva Adams is exhausted staying in the hospital so long, but she refuses to leave her. I admire her for that and I hope they can come home soon.

I went to the Ermine Center on Thursday. It was good seeing everyone, but I was sorry to see John Duty was not feeling well. He has been in the hospital. His friend Kathy Palumbo has been so worried about him. I hope he gets a good report from his doctor.

I heard on the obituary report that Bascom Mc- Intyre had died. I remember that family from when we lived at Letcher when I was about seven years old. His father Ben McIntyre was the bookkeeper of the coal company there at the company store with a poolroom downstairs, where most of the men loved to go. I remember I loved living there. It was a coal camp then. I still remember a lot of the people who lived there.

Jessica (Coots) Pigg was killed on May 3, 2009 on Whitco Road. Her grandmother Aggie Hatton and her mother Carolyn Coots and all the family miss her. The wreck was in sight of where she was going, so close. We never know what is around the curve.

We are all glad Hazel Hart is better and back at church.

I enjoyed talking with my sister Joann Brown in Indianapolis. Her family was all doing OK. Her husband Donald has arthritis and it gives him a lot of pain.

I wish our families could always live close by, but that’s not always possible. We love it when they can come visit.

I haven’t heard from my sister Judy Greene in Frankfort. She has been having health problems. I hope she’s doing better.

I got a call from my little brother Hillard Howard in Florida. I told him we were having Florida weather here. He said they were having tornado warnings. He said they were doing OK. He had been doing some painting and things. He said Marsha was doing much better. I sure miss him. He said he would come and see us before long. His grandchildren had been to visit them.

News is short this week, I haven’t been out and about much. It’s mostly been telephones. I was glad to hear from Eva Sergent in Lexington. She’s a good friend.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. Have a good week.

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