Whitesburg KY

Enjoying my puppy ‘Susie’

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

This is “April Fools Day” and I’m not fooling, I’m a very serious person. I try to be, but I’m sure you can tell I’m not. I’m just me.

Elzie Ray Hatton made me an album of my news from 2010 to 2014 and I’ve been looking through it and so much is different now. So many of my family and friends are no longer with us.

I got in touch with some people, especially one that sent me a picture for her 50th wedding anniversary to put in the paper, Luis and Beulah Caban. They live in Sylmar, Calif. She was the daughter of the late Tip and Annie Delph, formerly of Marlowe. I told her I knew all her family and my mother made all their clothes, and that the Pennington girls were my best friends, especially Dorthy Tacket, who is my age. They were her cousins. I’d like to get in touch with her if she is still around and if she still gets The Eagle.

Ada ( Miller) King, I wanted to let you know our Whitesburg cemetery is taking real good care. I can see your family lots as I pass the road and it looks great! You used to ask me. I hope you are doing better. You are a long ways in Miamisburg, Ohio, but I think of you often. We were such good friends.

I’ve sure enjoyed these pretty days we have been having. I love sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee and something in the other hand to eat. I’m just not getting much done. “Never do today what you can do tomorrow.” I don’t think that’s the way it goes, is it?

Bertus Tyree got home yesterday from rehab on his leg. I’m sure he is glad to be home where he can see his grandchildren and all his family. I hope he does well.


I’m still enjoying my puppy “Susie”. She is eight months old now. She thinks she is boss. She looks up at me with those big brown eyes. She is a good dog, but she is always looking for company. If she hears a car, she runs to see if it’s someone to see her and mostly it’s not and she is so disappointed. She loves to run in the yard and she can sure run fast.

Rose Ballard, I hope you are doing better. I don’t think you can sit still long enough, but you are a fighter for life. I wish you could eat more.

I used to look forward to our senior years and I’m there now. How come I don’t seem to have much spare time and don’t get anything done? Maybe I’m not that old or maybe not that smart. Times seems to go so fast.

My brother, Hillard Howard in Florida, had a birthday on April 2. We kid him and tell him he should have been born the day before.

I hope Hazel Hart is doing better. She has been so sick. I know she will be getting good care at Letcher Manor. My late husband Clyde and I both had treatment there and it sure helped us. The people were so nice to us.

I guess a lot of folks have been planting a garden with this pretty weather. I always looked forward to it and I miss it. I probably will plant some tomatoes and maybe peppers by my fence.

I’d like to say hello to Vickie Underwood, Bertha (Page) Dye and Iva Cheatham. Iva called me a few days ago and we had a long talk about our old days. A lot of things have changed and we don’t get around much.

My son Astor and his wife Rosemary are on their way home from their vacation. They needed to get a good rest from work.

Rob’s family have had two Easters already and another one or two yet to come. You can’t overdo a good think.

I think my son Bill and his family have a lot of plans for the summer and a wedding this fall.

I called my brother Hillard to say happy birthday and he wasn’t home. I left a message and he called me back. He was on the road to see his son Ben and we had a good talk. I told him I was proud of Ben.

I’m glad a lot of our family still live close by. The four that we’ve lost still lived here and we still miss them. We see their families.

I hope Glenora Eldridge is doing well and enjoying the pretty weather. Most of her family live away.

I’m looking forward to Sunday school and church.

I’d like to say hello to Gladys Smith in Bolivia, N.C., who used to write news for The Eagle. I enjoy talking to her. I hope she is doing well.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere Sunday if you are able.

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