Whitesburg KY

Eolia man held on assault charges

Police say he stabbed brother with knife, hit his mother in head with telephone

An Eolia man already under indictment for attacking his brother with the handle of a shovel was arrested again last week after he allegedly stabbed the same brother with a small knife and assaulted his mother with a telephone.

Charles Douglas “Chuck” Osborne, of 7922 Highway 119 South, Eolia, was charged on December 12 with first-degree assault after he started a fight with 40-year-old Stewart Osborne and stabbed him several times with a lock blade pocketknife, according to a citation written by Kentucky State Police Detective Charles Bledsoe.

Police said Stewart Osborne suffered several stab wounds to his abdomen and chest. Charles Osborne was also charged with fourth-degree assault in connection with a large cut his mother received on her forehead. The citation said that “Nola Osborne was struck with (a) telephone in (the) forehead by (the) subject causing large cut.”

Charles, Nola and Stewart Osborne were taken to the Whitesburg hospital for treatment, where Nola Osborne was treated and released, according to a KSP press release. Stewart Osborne, who was taken directly into the operating room for treatment of his injuries, was listed in stable condition. Police said Charles Osborne was treated for a head injury before he was arrested.

Court records show that Nola Osborne paid $500 cash on December 3 to get Charles Osborne out of jail after the Letcher County Grand Jury indicted him on November 6 for allegedly assaulting Stewart Osborne in March 2008. His bail was set at $5,000 and she paid 10 percent of that.

The November indictment charges that Charles Osborne “caused serious physical injury to Stewart Osborne by repeatedly striking him in the head and upper body with a wooden and metal shovel handle.”

The grand jury also indicted Stewart Osborne in the same March incident, stating that he “caused physical injury to Charles D. Osborne by repeatedly stabbing him with a knife.”

Part of Charles Osborne’s bond agreement was to have good and lawful behavior, appear at all court dates, and to have no contact with Stewart Osborne.

Stewart Osborne was released from jail on December 3 after Goldie M. Hogg of Whitesburg posted a $10,000 property bond. Stewart Osborne had also agreed as part of his release to maintain good and lawful behavior, appear at all court dates, and to have no contact with Charles Osborne.

Charles Osborne is being held in the Letcher County Jail. His bond is set at $10,000 cash.

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