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Eolia man needs 3rd transplant

Clancy Hensley, 46, of Eolia, is waiting for this third kidney transplantation. He is pictured with his six-year-old son, Dalton Hensley.

Clancy Hensley, 46, of Eolia, is waiting for this third kidney transplantation. He is pictured with his six-year-old son, Dalton Hensley.

Twenty-two years after his second kidney transplantation, Eolia resident Clancy Hensley is in need of a third.

“He desperately wants to get better so he can have the energy to play ball, attend school activities and do all the things a dad should be able to do,” said Barbara Hensley, Clancy Hensley’s wife.

Clancy Hensley’s first kidney transplant was performed when he was 19. One year later, he was back on the kidney transplant list.

Barbara Hensley said doctors told the Hensley family in 1992 during his second transplantation that the donated kidney should function for about five years. Instead, the organ extended Clancy Hensley’s quality of life for 22 years.

“We were able to have a child during that time,” said Barbara Hensley.

In August, their six-year-old son Dalton will attend first grade at Arlie Boggs Elementary School.

Barbara Hensley said she and her husband are thankful for organ donors.

“They are saving lives,” said Barbara Hensley. “It is important to sign the back of your driver’s license to become an organ donor.”

The two kidneys Clancy Hensley received were from deceased donors.

The Hensleys are counting on a live donor to help with the third transplantation. Living donor transplant lists usually have shorter waiting periods than deceased donor transplant lists. Complications tend to be fewer with a living donor organ, according to the Mayo Clinic website.

The 46-year-old disabled truck driver has undergone several tests to make sure that he is able to undergo surgery.

“It is a long line of tests that he has gone through and he lacks one more,” said Barbara Hensley.

If Clancy Hensley passes the last test, he will be added to the transplantation list at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

If someone is interested in becoming a possible kidney donor for Clancy Hensley, call the UK Medical Center nurse transplant coordinator at 1-866-474-6544 or call Barbara Hensley at (606) 634-6508.

Because of health conditions, Barbara Hensley said her family is unable to donate a kidney.

Until a kidney transplant becomes available, Clancy Hensley is undergoing peritoneal dialysis four times a day at his Eolia home.

Barbara Hensley is selling Tshirts and organizing bake sales to help with travel and lodging expenses.

Barbara Hensley has set up a fundraising campaign, “Clancy Hensley’s kidney transplant expense”, on the website www.gofundme.com.

She also updates information on a Facebook page called “Clancy Hensley Needs a Kidney.”

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