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Eolia, Partridge area faces power bill hikes

Cumberland Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, which supplies electrical service to the Cumberland River area, has asked the Kentucky Public Service Commission for an increase of a little less than 4 percent in its utility rates.

The largest increase – 3.96 percent – is in lighting. A 400 watt mercury vapor “night light” would cost $13.81 per month under the new rate, up from $13.29. An LED directional light would increase to $19.34 from $18.61 per month.

According to a full-page public notice placed in The Mountain Eagle this week, residential customers can expect to see an increase of about 3.66 percent if the new rates are approved. Small commercial users will see a rate increase of between 3.55 percent and 3.64 percent while large power users will see an increase of about 3.78 percent.

The numbers are estimates based on average bills. Large commercial and industrial users may see much higher increases, as there will be increases in their customer charge, their demand charge and their usage charge. For example, large commercial power users that fall under Rate Schedule V-A would see their customer charge increase to $1,276.24 from $1,227.79, while their demand charge would increase from $6.43 per kilowatt to $6.19 per kw. Their excess demand charge would increase to $9.33 from $8.98. Their usage rate would increase to 4.890 cents per kilowatt hour from the current 4.704 cents.

The KWH rate for large customers is much less than residential customers, who would pay 8.539 per KWH under the proposed rate, but from 8.215 currently.

To see the complete rate proposal, turn to Page 11.

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