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Eolia students are named

Six middle school students from Arlie Boggs Elementary School were recently named delegation of excellence during a hands-on learning conference in Louisville focusing on international diplomacy.

To obtain equality for Romanian children and families, 11-year-olds Hannah Boggs and Seth Terry proposed reformation of adoption guidelines during the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA). As ambassadors of Romania, a United Nations (UN) member country, Hannah and Seth suggested that a Romanian child should be labeled adoptable after living in an orphanage at least one year. The ABES group proposed reducing the amount of time it takes for a Romanian child to become eligible for adoption.

Seth was named outstanding ambassador and Hannah was named an outstanding speaker.

“ They presented well,” said Ronnie Adams, an ABES student who served on the KUNA security council.

During the three-day conference, students studied cultures of other nations, identified international issues and presented solutions.

“ You learn much more than you would just out of a social studies book,” said Aly Foley, an ABES student who participated in pro/ con debates during KUNA.

The ABES group honed its research skills in preparation for the event.

“They are learning so much about the different parts of government,” said Myrtle Boggs, an Arlie Boggs teacher and KUNA advisor.

Mrs. Boggs said she plans on sending more ABES students to KUNA next year.

“I learned that what you think about other countries is not true,” said Ronnie. “They have problems that need to be fixed. I would recommend this for anybody who has an interest in law, social studies or global issues.”

In December, the group participated in the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association Middle School Youth Assembly in Lexington and Frankfort where students wrote their own mock bills and presented them at the Capitol building in Frankfort.

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