Whitesburg KY

Ermine Center has a very busy week

This past week at Ermine Senior Citizens Center was another great week. We had a huge crowd Monday, 55 or more.

Also Monday, Samantha Rainey, one of the group of photojournalist students from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, came and visited with us. She took pictures of us also. We really enjoyed having her, and she is a very nice person.

Tuesday we traveled by our bus to Frankfort. There were seven from our center to go and our site manager, Debbie Slone, who drove the bus. Debbie is really good to us all. She had drinks, cakes, cookies, Nabs and water for us. We talked to our senator, Johnny Ray Turner, and made pictures with him. Coleen and Rhuford Hart told him what we seniors needed.

We had a great time, and coming back we stopped at Golden Corral Restaurant for lunch. I think we all ate too much, as the food was really good.

Blackey had three to go with us, plus their site manager; Jenkins had three and the site manager; Boone Fork had one, and the director went too.

We had 18 in all go. The other counties were down there the week before, so we missed seeing them all.

Wednesday and Thursday we had 65 and 70 to come to the center for lunch.

Patty Majority is back with us. She had broken her wrist three weeks ago, but she’s driving now. Can’t keep a good woman down, eh Patty?

Friday we had a good crowd, but I didn’t look to see how many we had. I called our State Representative Leslie Combs and invited her to our St. Patrick’s Day celebration. She said she would try to be there, but the Letcher and Pike County 4-H Clubs were going to Frankfort Wednesday and she would try to see what she could do. She said she would give us a call during our party.

We are going to have a great party. We will have a Mister and Miss Leprechaun, and some invited guests, and most of all, plenty of food.

Friday afternoon, 10 seniors from the Ermine Center went to Whitesburg for the groundbreaking of the recreational building. It will be a beautiful building when it is finished, and we need it here in Letcher County.

There will be a lot of things to do. It is time we start to get things done.

I talked to Johnny Ray Turner and Leslie Combs there, and enjoyed it very much.

Come and see us, you all. God bless until next time.

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