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Ermine Center has Alabama visitors

The Ermine senior citizens had a wonderful week this past week. We had some wonderful people to visit us.

Tuesday, we had two ladies from the School Channel come and take pictures of the quilting ladies quilting. So, ladies, if you want to see yourselves on television, watch the School Channel, number 46.

Wednesday wasn’t so good as our own Jim Craft had knee surgery. It was not a replacement, but he had to stay home a few days. We sure missed him. Hurray and get back, Jim. He said he’s doing OK now.

Thursday, we sure had a great day. We had 10 people to visit us from Athens, Ala. One was the pastor of the church. I didn’t get his name as Joy Tucker (one of the ladies) didn’t write it down for me. (I’m not a very good reporter when I didn’t ask his name.) Oh well, I will next time.

They were from Limestone Baptist Association. Their construction team was in Jenkins doing work on the ministry building. Their ministry is God’s Love in a Diaper Bag.

They brought their songbooks and we all sang some beautiful songs before dinner. After Rev. Rhuford Hart said the blessing, we lined up to get our lunch and five women and the other pastor sang some beautiful songs for us. Could they ever sing. Some of the most beautiful singing I have heard.

After lunch, five or six of the ladies went into the quilting room and gave us free haircuts, facials, and hand massages and did our nails. That’s what I had done, was my nails and hand massage. We had five or six men that received haircuts.

Our little lady Ruby Caudill got haircut and her nails done. Did she ever look pretty. She looked younger than the rest of us. She is only 97 years young.

Athens is not far from where my daughter Janet Albright lives. Joy Tucker said she went into the store where Jan works, and when she goes back she’s gonna tell Jan she talked to her mom. Small world, isn’t it?

They said the pastors and youth were doing Vacation Bible School in different areas. Said they just want to share God’s love with others.

They came up to Kentucky Sunday night and left Friday. We really enjoyed having them and hope they come back. They loved it here, said it was a beautiful place.

Friday, all the centers met at the Colson Center for an early Fourth of July celebration. We had some of our people to sing. Fred Young was one of them. Then different ones talked about their families being veterans and some of the men talked that were veterans and told where they had served and what country they went to. We had 27 from Ermine there and three workers.

This Friday we are having a Fourth of July blowout at our center. We’re looking for a good time as we always do. So come on in, you senior citizens, and join us and the good times we have. We will have a good day as the Lord will be with us as He always is.

Our worker Barbara Hughes’s daughter Jolene, who lives in Minnesota, came to the center to see us and said she reads my column and really enjoys it. Thanks, Jolene, for the nice comment you said to me.

I almost left out that some of our seniors went to Jenkins Wednesday to hear the Governor speak. I didn’t go as I had an appointment at 2 p.m. that day, but they said they enjoyed it.

So long for now and God bless until next time.

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