Whitesburg KY

Ermine Center has early July 4 celebration

The Ermine Senior Citizens Center hasn’t done a lot for the last three weeks. We haven’t gone on any trips. Some have been on vacation, some out sick like me, but we’ll get back in the groove again.

Betty Newman and husband Jack have been out west for two weeks. They spent most of the time in Texas.

Rhuford and Colleen Hart are expecting company; 14 of their family will be coming home! What a wonderful time this will be.

Colleen, put the little pot in the big one and enjoy your family.

My grandson, Rob Swagert of Rainbow City, Ala., came and spent four days with me. Friday, my son, Davis, wife Sheila and daughter Lauren all came up from Alabama and stayed until Sunday. Everyone had to go back to work. I sure hated to see them leave.

Thursday our center had our Fourth of July celebration and potluck dinner together. Lots of nice gifts or red, white and blue were given away.

Debbie Slone, our site manager, had decorated our center beautifully, all red, white and blue.

Say, where are the Pikes? You guys have to get back as we are missing you. Betty, bring Ed on back. I haven’t seen you guys in three weeks, but I know you have been at the center most of that time.

I was glad to get back and see everyone, as I missed you all.

I hope to have more news next time, but I guess some are gardening and cutting grass. Dorothy York and Gracie Wynn are back and quilting. Glad to see you both.

Come and visit our center. We’d love to see you. You’ll be glad you did. See you there.

God bless until next time.

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