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Ermine center ice cream social enjoyed by everyone

Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well and hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day. If you still have a mother, you are blessed. Be good to her and let her know you love her. I was blessed to have both my parents ’til I was in my 60s.

My sister, Louise Shepherd, and I enjoyed having breakfast with Eva Sergent and her two nieces, Shirley and Charlene. We hope we can do it again sometime when they come back this way.

Dorthy Tackett called to tell me she had been on a nice trip to Indiana. They visited Barry Adams (son of the late Bro. Lewis Adams of Cowan) on his 100-acre farm. It was beautiful and they had some great food. Dorthy’s daughter, Charlene Mason, and the group she sings with, The Master’s Harmony, Johnny Caudill, Ronnie Maggard, and Roy Smith, sang at a church there and they all had a great time. Charlene’s husband, Rickey Mason, went along.

Dorthy and her daughters, Lucille and Deloris, went to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast and when they got home, Ricky Maggard and his son had mowed Dorthy’s grass. She sure enjoyed and appreciated it so much. The next day her daughter came and brought her two Mother’s Day gifts.

Don’t you think that’s too much fun for Dorthy? No, it’s not. Dorthy is a great lady and one of my best friends. I’m happy for her.

My sister, Joann Brown, and her husband, Donald, have been in visiting from Indianapolis, Ind. She met with her sisters, Oma Hatton, Louise Shepherd, Kathleen Brock, and Betty Tyree, and brother, Hubert Howard, and wife Joyce and two nieces, Carol Day and Shannon Banks, and nephew, Zack Day. We had a nice visit at Pine Mountain Grill. When any member of our family comes in, we try to get together. We are a very close family.

We just got word that an old Blackey friend, Mary Bailey Eubanks, daughter of the late Garland Bailey, lost her husband (cancer). He was Joseph “Joe” Eubanks, 79 years old. They had been married 53 years. They lived in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. I still remember her as a little redhaired girl. Her dad was married to my aunt, Lizzie (Howard) Bailey. They lived at Elk Creek.

Mable Absher of Whitco, wanted me to tell everyone to remember her nephew, Chester Lee Wilson, in prayer. He is a very sick man.

Clyde is doing pretty well. He is improving some. He’s still at Letcher Manor, where he gets very good care.

My little great-grandson, Sam Mullins, graduated preschool on Friday and will be going to kindergarten next year. We are proud of him.

A lot of our family and friends really enjoyed the church service at the walking track on Friday night. There was a large crowd there and lots of great singing and some real good preaching by my nephew, Caleb Howard, and Josh Sturgill, two of our young preachers who have a jail ministry. They are both good singers and musicians also. They will be having some tent meetings soon and would love for everyone to come be with them. I’m sure you would enjoy it. I’m so proud of our young people who are really getting involved.

My sister, Louise Shepherd, and I enjoyed the ice cream social at the Ermine Center on Friday, seeing our friends and eating the ice cream. That Angie Phipps always has that bunch of “young-at-heart seniors” doing fun things. That is so nice for us (not-over-the-hill folks).

I’m still looking for the old pictures some of you have promised me. So many people tell me how much they enjoy them. Let me show off your family for you, so people can brag on them.

Congratulations to my nephew, Jerome Hatton, on being the owner of Everidge Funeral Home. I’m sure he will do well. He’s experienced.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week, and smile, God loves you.

This news from Eva Sergent of Lexington:

“Hello to everyone and hope all are enjoying this nice weather. We had some rain, wind, and cool weather earlier.

“May is halfway gone. Sure hope it will be our summer weather.

“I talked to my in-laws, Willis and Sinda Sergent, and they haven’t done but very little gardening. I hope to go to Indiana soon for a short visit.

“My granddaughter called me from West Virginia and they had all been sick with colds. Hope they will soon feel better.

“My friend and his wife from Florida, Herman Brush Jr. and Billy Jean, will be in for a visit with my son.

“Viola Maggard is still having a problem with her foot. Her daughter and family are about the same.

“My friend from church called me and we had a good visit by phone.

“Brother Arnold Kiser had church in my building and everyone sure enjoyed the service.

“School will soon be out and I know all will be good.

“I talked to JoAnna Frazier and she said they were doing well and Jack was well. They were hoping the weather soon will be nice so they could be out more.

“Hello to my family in Ohio and Indiana. May God bless each and every one.”

This news from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

“Hello from the Ermine Center. Our center was saddened this week with the loss of Alma Martin of Millstone. ‘The Boss’ was her title at the Ermine Center. Mrs. Martin was a member of the Ermine Center for over 20 years. Our sympathies go out to her husband, Sherd, and family.

“Helen Bentley is back home from Florida. It is good to have her back at the center. It was also good to have Louise Shepherd and Oma Hatton joining us for our ice cream party last Friday. Irene Thomas stopped in and enjoyed herself. She also picked up a very pretty gold watering can Lennon Hammock made for her. Lennon’s watering cans are getting to be very popular.

“We have several Ermine seniors to remember in your prayers this week: Louise Brown, Sherd Martin and family, Eva Sexton, Gracie Wynn, Dorothy York, Joy Pease, Jim Craft, Georgia Stallard, Arizona Williams, Betty Newman, Frank and Patty Majority, Clyde Hatton, Jack Blair, Sam West, Anita Pigman, Avery and Betty Johnson, Marjorie Collier, Hattie Mason, Eunice Rachel, Amanda King, Sue Bates, all seniors and staff.

“Our Mother’s Day ice cream party was very nice. Thank you to all the Ermine seniors for bringing all the ice cream, toppings, bananas, nuts, whipped toppings, homemade cookies, and drinks. Everyone did a great job. We all ate ’til we needed a nap. All the senior men made sure they told me they want an ice cream party for them on Father’s Day.

“Congratulations to Faye Morris. She is the new worker for the Letcher County Senior Citizens. Faye has taken the floating position and will be helping all senior centers in the county. Faye has been employed with KRADD’s 55+ working program at the Ermine Senior Citizens Center for almost a year. Congratulations, Faye Morris.

“Our activity scheduled this week at the Ermine Center includes: Hospice 2007 Memories in the park with cookout and memorial service, Wednesday; Senior Games in Hazard Park (Ermine Center closed), Thursday; and Jenkins Arts and Crafts Days after lunch, Friday. We have quilting and corn toss Tuesday Friday weekly. It is a busy week so come out and join the fun.

“Lizzie Mae Wright is so proud of her granddaughter, Jessica Nicole Wright, 18, of Alabama. She shared a beautiful picture of her at the center last week. Lizzie Mae said she was going to have a summer job with the government of Alabama and will be attending Wallace State College in Alabama in the fall. Lizzie Mae will be traveling next month to Alabama to vacation with her son, Darius Wright, and family for a couple of weeks. (Who will play Gotcha with Judith and who will Lennon pick on while Lizzie Mae is gone?)

“Until next time, pray for us and we will pray for you. Love and prayers.”

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