Whitesburg KY

Ermine, Jenkins join in Easter celebration


Greetings from the Ermine Center. We hope you had a blessed Easter season.

I need to apologize to Greata from Letcher Manor. I called her Kathy last week. I did brag on her so maybe she won’t be too offended. We always have a good time when she visits.

We had a wonderful Easter celebration and potluck Thursday. Christine Bolling, site manager at the Jenkins Center, came and brought her seniors to share with us. We really enjoyed having them. They are nice folks.

Debbie Slone, our site manager, welcomed everyone. We had 61 in attendance.

Our day began with an Easter service. Rhuford and I sang some songs and he spoke about the resurrection of Jesus. He sort of got carried away. Preachers tend to do that when they stand before a crowd.

We had a delicious lunch with sandwiches, chips, dips, potato salad, and pigs in a blanket (made by Christine). We had lots of cookies and cakes for dessert. We had Easter eggs colored by our ladies.

After lunch the fun began.

We crowned our site manager Debbie Slone queen of the Easter parade and presented her with a beautiful bouquet of tulips. She is a queen to us. She tries to take care of all of us. She does a good job of it, also it’s a big plus that she is such a good cook she could make sawdust taste good.

Debbie, Freda and Alice put slips of paper with funny things to do written on them inside plastic eggs. When your ticket number was called, you chose an egg. You had to do whatever was written on your paper to get a prize. Some eggs had money inside.

We had some good laughs as some had to hop like a bunny, wiggle their nose, shake their bunny tail, waddle like a duck, etc. I think S.T. had the best nose wiggle. Martha Harris was great, but I won’t tell what she had to do. She is a special lady. Little Richard did the best chicken.

We gave away 25 prizes and $20.

Our senior citizens are so generous. We always send flowers when someone dies. We also donate to the food fund every month to help pay for our meals.

Please continue to pray for Martha Harris, Joe Bentley, Jack Stallard, Jeanetta Cook, Ruby Caudill and Patty Majority.

Thought from Daily Bread: “When the world says, ‘Give up,’ hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time!’”

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