Whitesburg KY

Ermine Senior Center draws large crowd


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. It turned out to be a beautiful day Friday after all the rain. I hope we don’t get the flash flood they say we will get. We will just have to wait and see. Wanda (Tyree) Stidham told me she would like to see a picture of the late Less and Polly Howard family. There was one with my column in the May 6 Mountain Eagle. You may not recognize them it’s been so long since they left here. They are our double first cousins.

OK, time for me to straighten out another one of my mistakes I made. Zoe Fields, I’m so sorry I called you the late Zoe Fields. Your son, David, told me you were 84 years old and very much alive and very active, even doing some line dancing. He was nice about it and we laughed and were so glad it wasn’t so. You’ve been gone too long! I think maybe I got you confused with your sister, or maybe I’m just absentminded.

I finally got around to getting back up to the community center. I really enjoyed it. They had a large crowd, some I didn’t know. I sat with Patty Majority and Linda Jarrett, saw Janice Foster, Richard Adams, Jimmy Craft and lots more. I sat in my usual seat across from Lizzie Mae Wright, except she wasn’t there. Kathy Palumbo was there. I’m not surprised they have a big crowd, they have good cooks who are nice and friendly. I love going there, just seems like I don’t have much time.

We offer our deep sympathy to Aggie and Charlie Hatton. Their granddaughter, Jessica (Coots) Pigg, was killed in a car wreck. Her parents are Carolyn (Hatton) Coots and Calvin Coots. I went to the funeral at Maces Creek Church of God. There was a large crowd there. Charlie and Aggie really appreciated all that came. I think about everyone from their church, Whitco Pentecostal Church, was there. She thanks everyone for the food, flowers, and all they did for them, mostly just being there for support.

My sister-in-law, Joyce Howard, is doing some better after a bad leg break. She has a long way to go. We all love her and hate to see her in pain.

I talked with Roberta Willie. She is doing OK, just keeping busy. That’s what you have to do.

Late happy birthday to my good friend, Shirley Breeding, whose birthday was May 1. Your granddaughter, Hannah, told me they had been celebrating with you.

Hannah and Joe Hatton and Sandra and Billy and Angie Mullins and her sweet little girl, Ellie Beth, joined Rob and me at Pine Mountain Grill. We all enjoyed it.

My sister, Betty Tyree, and I visited Clyde at the Veterans Center. He is still doing OK.

It was good seeing the Gish family at Pine Mountain Grill. Little Grant’s dad brought him over to our table to see me. I love that little fellow with the beautiful blue eyes. That’s the first thing I noticed about him. I always look at eyes.

Kellis “Bud” Hatton seemed to be doing better at Hazard Veterans Center and getting adjusted. He was smiling and eating better. He will get good care there. The workers are all so nice.

Mother’s Day will be over by now. I hope all you mothers had a great day. Mine has already been great and it’s not even here yet. My son, Astor “Red” Hatton, and wife Rosemary of Ashland were coming to spend Sunday with me. I really look forward to that. They have different days off from work and that makes it hard for them.

We sure got a lot of rain Friday night, the hardest I ever saw, with thundering and lightning. It probably did have a flash flood in several places. I hope no one had any damage from the hard wind.

I was going to a birthday party Saturday for my greatgrandson, Sam Mullins, son of Angie and Rich Mullins. I knew I would enjoy that. It’s always fun.

It’s been so rain I haven’t been out to dig up much news. Usually a trip to Wal-Mart, Food City and Save-A-Lot and church and to the Hazard Veterans Center, you can see lots of folks.

My God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able. So many would like to go and aren’t able.

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