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Ermine senior citizens parade through Hazard

Ermine senior citizens had a great week this past week.

Monday, we did what? Does anyone know or remember? Oh, that’s OK, but I know the weather was hot! hot!

Tuesday, we had some wonderful visitors from Athens, Ala. Yes, we had another group from Alabama. They were there from the First Baptist Church of Athens. The pastor of the church was the Rev. Edwin Jenkins and wife Joan. Also the others were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Campbell (Amy), Debbie Williams, Shirley Townsend, Pat Roberts, and Cherry Yeager.

They talked to us, told us about why they were here and what they were doing. They said they were ministering of God’s Love in a Diaper Bag, mission by prayer, walking, visiting centers and nursing homes. Also they had about 14 more at Jenkins helping with construction at the facility.

They sang some beautiful songs for us, and Rev. Jenkins led prayer. They thought our mountains were out of this world. One lady said she had never seen anything more beautiful. I told her that’s what we thought also.

They enjoyed us so much Tuesday they came back Wednesday and sang more beautiful songs. Thursday, different ones visited our center, but I wasn’t there so I didn’t find out what they did.

We were really glad to have them. They all were so friendly and nice. That’s Alabama people for you.

Charles and Shirley Day are back with us. Shirley said she told Charles, ‘Let’s go’ and he grabbed his old hat and here they were.

Oh! I want you all to know my banana tree has bananas on it. Yep, it sure does. I have 10 or 12 trees that are older, but I have lots of young ones but they’re about as big as their mama. The older ones are mama and young ones the babies.

Friday, we went to Hazard to Senior Citizens Appreciation Day. We met at the city park. There was a group playing and singing some beautiful songs. We had lunch and after everyone had eaten, we lined up for the parade. Debbie Miranda from our center was the Prom Queen so she rode on top of her car. Oh yes! There were two clowns and they rode on top of their car also.

There were about 19 vehicles in the parade. We had motorcycles, fire truck, senior citizens buses, and police cars. We drove by the schools and some places I don’t know as I hadn’t been that way before. People were out waving at us and some were taking pictures. We all just had a wonderful day.

As we came home we stopped at Isom at the Dairy Bar for ice cream and milk shakes.

We missed Lennon and Yvonne Hammock not going with us, also Rhuford and Coleene Hart and that Jim Craft. I heard he had to cut grass. Jim, you should have slipped off and gone with us. You all missed a good time.

We’ll soon be going to Kingscreek to the new park.

Joyce Vermillion hasn’t gone to Alaska but will be going this Friday, August 13. She is back from the Grand Canyon (she brought me a rock). Hope she brings me one from Alaska. She’ll tell me all about her trips when she gets back and I’ll try to pass it along to the rest of you.

I’d like to thank all you people I meet that tell me they read my column. Almost everywhere I go someone tells me “I read what your center is doing.”

Hope you all enjoy it, but you would enjoy it better if you would come and join us and take a part in our center. We like to see new faces coming in.

Hope to talk to you all next week. So long for now. God bless until next time.

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