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Ermine senior citizens play snowman Bingo

Our snowman day was a big success!

Tuesday we brought our snowmen and decorated our center. It was a beautiful, sunny day outside so it didn’t make us feel cold.

Lizzie Mae had a real nice snowman she had made from plastic canvas.

We had a good crowd last Tuesday for our snowman Bingo. All the gifts were white: popcorn, marshmallows, white cake mix, etc. We had lots of prizes, so we had lots of winners.

Debbie Slone made chicken and dumplings for our special day. Jim Craft presented her with a big, blue ribbon that said, “Dumplin’ Maker Number One.’ She sure can make them good!

We have good cooks at our center. I’m sure all the other centers feel the same.

We had cake and ice cream for dessert. The cake was donated by the Community Trust Bank and made by Abby Wynn. It had a beautiful snowman on it.

We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to our January seniors.

Teresa and Susie Meade ate lunch with us, and we told them we appreciated the cake they donate each month.

We have had several new people come to the center this month. We would like to welcome them. It’s a good place to sit and talk for a couple of hours each day. The good food is a bonus! Some play Scrabble or Rook, and some folks just like to sit and talk.

Our center donated $94.12 to the Food Fund this month. It’s not much, but we hope it helps a little.

I think I changed Vina Lucas’s name to Gibson last week. I must have had Ruth Gibson on my mind when I changed Vina’s name. We enjoy having Ruth at our center. She and I went to high school together.

Prayer list: Jack Stallard (he is now at Cardinal Hill for rehab), Joe and Doris Bentley, Martha Harris, Patty Majority, Ruby Caudill, Louise Joseph, Lorraine Kuracka, Clark Baker and Imogene Sexton.

Thought from Daily Bread: “We can stop showing mercy to others when Christ stops showing mercy to us.”

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