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Mostly sunny

Ermine seniors attend Coal Rally at Hindman

Hello everyone. Have you missed me again? I hope so, but I guess we’ve been lax about doing anything for a few weeks, but we’ve had a great time the past week. Oh boy, have we!

Tuesday we went to Colson for a Western Party for Elder Abuse. We had a wonderful time and Elisha Baker is the site manager of Colson Center. She and her workers were so wonderful to us.

Elisha, we appreciate you for your kindness. (Invite us again!)

Wednesday we went to Hazard at the college for a Health Fair. We had a good time there. They had a lot of things for us, and also some of our people got their flu shots, blood pressure checked, and cholesterol checked.

They even gave us a walking cane. I told them that was for old people, so they said I could keep mine until I did get old. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for that day to come, won’t I?

Then we left there and went to the Ponderosa Steak House for lunch, and I guess we all ate too much, as usual. I think we wanted to get our money’s worth. We always do, and more too.

Thursday the Health Department came and gave our flu shots (I got mine). The girls were very nice to us, and we invited them back. We also had a great lunch that day.

I think our site manager surely did a great dinner fixing. By the way, she is Debbie Slone, and she’s the greatest.

After lunch we had ice cream sundaes with all the fixings — anything you wanted on them.

Friday we just rested from the other days and got to go to the Coal Rally on Saturday. We left our center at 10 a.m., and got there about 11 a.m.

We had 21 of our seniors and our site manager Debbie Slone, who drove our bus, and Vickie Collins, who drove the Jeep with four of our seniors in it.

We had a wonderful time. We received tee shirts, mining caps, and lots of other things. Also, they had lots of good food, drinks for everyone.

They even had free helicopter rides. I wanted to ride, but there were too many people lined up. Oh well, maybe next year I will. I hope, I hope, I hope.

We heard all the speakers, and Stella Parton sang. One of the songs was ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ but she can’t sing it like Loretta can.

We left the Coal Rally about 3 p.m., and came to Whitesburg to the Recreation Center for the ribbon cutting ceremony. There was a large crowd there and some good speakers.

After it was over we toured the building, then went to the second floor to eat again. The food was delicious, the ladies did a great job. I liked the cheese ball.

All of our seniors enjoyed seeing the beautiful building. There sure are a lot of things to do there. I hope our people will go and enjoy it.

Say, did you all see the double rainbows last week? I sure did and they were beautiful. The first double ones I’d seen in years.

It was good to see Ralph Collier and his wife, Rosa, back at the center. Ralph has been very sick and he had surgery, but he said he was doing great.

My buddy is still in the hospital and we sure miss him. We pray God will make him well and send him back home.

Our sweet Ruby Caudill is in the hospital at Whitesburg. We miss you, Ruby. Also, one of our quilting ladies, Dorothy York, is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home. We miss her, too.

We miss all our seniors when they are not with us. I almost forgot, our senior and friend, Martha Harris, celebrated her birthday last Thursday, and of course we sang, “Happy Birthday” to her, but she didn’t tell us how old she was. Oh well, we’re just as old as we feel.

Now the things that are going on this week. Our Halloween Party that will be at the New Recreation Center will be over by the time this news is printed.

Thursday we are having Golden Arts Day at our center. Those who want to enter into this will bring something in for it. The items will be judged, then sent to Hazard to be in the one there.

So Ermine seniors, if you have anything you want to enter, please check with Debbie, our site manager, as soon as you can to see what things can be entered. I think quilts, canned foods, and paintings. But I don’t know what else can be entered.

I’ve run out of things to write about, so I’ll just shut up and invite all of you seniors to come to Ermine and see what we do.

You can believe we do all the things I write about in my column, just don’t doubt it, and some things we do I don’t write about, such as Jim and I were on a winning streak at Rook until we got beat. Just don’t tell him I told you.

Be good, stay pretty and God bless until next time.

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