Whitesburg KY

Ermine seniors attend Derby party

All our county centers had a big day Friday. Everyone went to Colson, our newest center, for a Derby Day party. We at Ermine would like to thank them for their hospitality. They did a great job!

We sure had a lot of beautiful homemade hats. Each center was judged individually. Rhuford Hart won the men’s and Debbie Miranda the women’s from the Ermine Center.

We had a large group of our center seniors. Ermine always takes a big crowd wherever we go.

Jim Ward mentioned that the Ermine Center prepares more meals than any other center. That includes the meals Rhonda Wright and Anna King deliver and the meals served by Debbie Slone, Ann Adams and Barbara Hughes in the dining room.

We also received an award for Volunteer Center of 2010. Our people are always ready to lend a helping hand. We know each center adds a lot to its community. Of course we think our center is the best of all, and we think our workers are the greatest. Debbie Slone is a great site manager.

God bless all of you until next time.

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