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Ermine seniors enjoy their last potluck dinner



Hail! Hail! Our gang is here. We don’t mind the weather, we seniors at Ermine Center are sticking together and having our last potluck dinner — and what a dinner we had.


Just too much good food to mention. About 10 of our regular seniors weren’t there, and we missed them.

It’s so sad that we’ll be leaving our center forever. We’re just like one big happy family. We sing, we’re happy, sad, and sometimes we argue, but we get along wonderful (most of the time). We really do.

I’ll miss Judith Vermillion sneaking up on me, saying “Got you!” The quilters will miss quilting and their little chats, and Ed will miss his hugs (I give him). I won’t tell his wife Betty if you won’t (she knows). We’ll even miss the small glasses we drink our milk out of.

We don’t like it because they’re closing our centers, but we’ll overcome it all. A better day is coming.

We’re planning on doing things together, but it won’t be like meeting at Ermine Center. We went to the Pizza Hut for lunch and guess what? Jim Craft bought all of our dinners. Thanks, Jim. We all love you, even when you try to steal our food and pretend to pour coffee on us. Just kidding, old buddy.

Friday we met at Dairy Queen for lunch and had a party in the party room. Oh! yeah, I forgot, ice cream too.

We’ll try to put behind us what has happened to us seniors. So hoping you all will think about our seniors, especially us at Ermine Center.

We’ll be remembering the great times we’ve had together at the old Ermine schoolhouse. Yes, that’s where our center was, in case any of you didn’t know this.

I haven’t written the news for a long time, but decided to write for the last time as we’ll be leaving.

We’ll miss all the wonderful workers too. I have met a lot of them over the 20-some years I have been going to our center.

Thanks to Rhuford Hart for his kindness to us and the wonderful prayers he says; thanks to Coleene, too, for keeping our money and taking care of the meats for potluck and Bingo gifts.

So long for now. Hoping 2016 will be a better year for us (not counting on it). Have a wonderful day. God bless until next time.

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