Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Ermine seniors enjoy Whitesburg Day

The Ermine senior citizens had another good week.

Monday, we just talked about our ‘tacky party’ that we had the week before. We had a great time and everyone said it was one of the best ever.

Wednesday, we went down to Whitesburg Day and saw a lot of pretty things and lots of goodies for sale. We looked at the windows and they were all so pretty. Jim Craft and Joyce Vermillion probably had a hard time judging them.

We had lunch at the Whitaker Bank parking lot. The food was delicious. Thanks, Charles, for fixing mine and carrying it to me (not because I’m old he did this, he’s just my friend). Right, Shirley?

Thursday, 11 seniors and our site manager Debbie Sloan went to Pikeville to the park. I didn’t go as I had something I had to do, but they said it was beautiful there. They played bingo and had a cakewalk. Winford Sturgill won a cake so they had it with their lunch. They ate at Bob Evans. I know the food was good as it always it.

Before coming home, they stopped at the Pikeville overlook and Jim said it was just great. It’s all fenced in and you could look all over Pikeville town. I probably missed a good time and a great trip, but maybe next time.

James and Barbara Hall have gone to the Smokies for a week on vacation.

Our own Ruby Caudill had a birthday Friday. She was 98.

Monday, Joyce Vermillion is starting a oil painting class at our center at 9:30 for any of us that want to take part in it. I don’t know yet if it will be every Monday or not. I will know more later and will put it in next week’s news. It will be fun, so if you’re interested in this come on to our center and join in the fun as we’re always doing something.

Vina Lucas won’t be quilting this week as her daughter Ardella and husband are visiting for a week. They live in Pennsylvania.

Joyce Vermillion won third place for her oil painting, not Judith Vermillion. Just a mistake. Oh! well, we all make mistakes. We’re not perfect. I’m probably full of them (but please don’t tell anyone, OK?).

So you senior citizens that are not going to a center, you’re missing out. Why don’t you come and join our center? You will really enjoy it.

So for now, God bless until next time.

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