Whitesburg KY

Ermine seniors have fantastic week

We seniors at Ermine Center had another great week. Wednesday, 10 of us went to Whitesburg Day. Our site manager, Debbie Slone, took us in the van.

It had stopped raining before we got there, and we sure were glad. We saw some beautifully made things, and good-looking goodies, too. Some of us bought some things.

We ate lunch, furnished by Whitaker Bank, and everything was very good. Also, they had goodies inside, and of course we had to sample those before lunch. The workers from the bank gave us bags with nice gifts in them.

We went to Community Trust Bank, and they had some wonderful goodies, too. So you see, we had a very nice Whitesburg Day.

Thursday was another fun day. Seventeen from our center went to Pikeville to the Expo Center to a health fair, and we had a great time there. They gave us all a ticket to win prizes. Eight of us won gifts. Yep, I won five gift certificates.

James won a gift certifi- cate, Andrew won a picture frame, Stoney won a t-shirt, Marie won a tote bag, Kristi won a beautiful candle, Doug won a chocolate cake, and Pat also won a chocolate cake.

We had a cakewalk, but I didn’t win in that, but that was okay. I was pleased with my gift certificates. They had all kinds of nice things for us to get. We left with our tote bags full. We had leis to wear, too.

They checked our blood sugar and blood pressure. When we started to leave they gave each of us a very nice gift. So you see, we had fun that day also.

Now for the surprise most of you all know by now — but it was a surprise birthday party for our very own lady, Ruby Caudill, who was 99 years young. We had 46 people there, including Judge Jim Ward and Eddie Meade, and one of our favorite ladies, Rose Tyree. Rose used to work at our center and was transferred to Blackey but has now retired.

Also, Debbie Ann Adams stopped by after she had been to therapy. It was good to see both of you ladies. After lunch pictures were taken, Ruby opened her gifts and cards. She received a lot of things.

She told her daughter, Debbie, and her caretaker, Lydia Hall, that they were not getting any of her candy. Way to go, Ruby.

After lunch we served cake and ice cream. Carl Parrott played the guitar and sang Ruby’s favorite song, ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’ and then ‘Happy Birthday.’ He did really great.

We all sang ‘ Happy Birthday’ to her, and she really enjoyed her day.

Thank you to Community Trust Bank for the birthday cake. It is so good of you to furnish us a birthday cake each month, and it was really good too. The lady who makes them does a wonderful job.

We want to thank all of our visitors who came to be with us, and I want to thank our seniors and workers for their part. We could not have such a great time at our center if it wasn’t for all — not part, but all — of our good seniors. I believe we have the best senior citizens ever.

Thank you, Jim Craft, for all you do. Can I tell a little of what I did? Sorry, I’ll do it anyway.

Saturday I went to Whitesburg to the parade and saw a lady I truly think a lot of. It was Jane Ellen Cox. She grew up in the dime store, where I worked for 33 years.

She would come to me and tell me it was time to make her Easter basket, and I did. I would make her the most beautiful one ever. Mr. Cox was her dad, and he would just look at it and say nothing.

I would list everything that went into her basket and she would take the list to the office to be charged to her dad. Then she finally got old enough to go to work.

“No more Easter baskets, Janie,” I said. It was good to see you, Janie.

Dorothy York, one of our ladies and quilters, is home now and doing some better. I hope you’re back with us soon, Dorothy. Patty Majority isn’t doing great, and we miss them both.

Sunday I saw Rose Collier, and she told me that her husband, Ralph, goes into the hospital soon for surgery. Remember him as he is a very sick man and one of our good seniors. He will have surgery at Pikeville Hospital.

I don’t know if anything is planned for this week but that’s okay, as we can rest for one week and start out again next week, if the weather permits.

So you seniors see we have times at our center, so come on in and join us. Oh yeah, we play games too.

So long for now, and stay good and pretty. God bless until next time.

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