Whitesburg KY

Ermine seniors have fun at Virginia/Kentucky State Fair

Last week was a pretty slow week for Ermine senior citizens.

Monday, we met with Debbie Pennington and had our weekly meeting. Tuesday, we gabbed (some of us have the gift of gab). Wednesday, the quilting ladies got to be there to quilt.

We had four new seniors to join us last week. They really enjoyed themselves. Oh, yes. We had our regular Bingo party on Tuesday, also.

Coleene Hart called the numbers out, and she sure can call them loud. That’s good so we can all hear her. Not that our hearing is bad. That’s for old people.

Don’t all of you senior citizens think that’s right? I do.

Thursday, we were on the road again. We went to Virginia to the Virginia/Kentucky State Fair. We played Bingo, but I don’t think any of us won a game. If anyone did, they didn’t tell me.

If I had won, everybody would have known about it.

They had the Senior Beauty Pageant, and Linda Sturgill from Colson Center won first runner-up. She received a trophy. Congratulations, Linda.

Our lunches were paid for, and the food was really good.

On our way back, we stopped at Robo’s for ice cream, and that finished off our day.

Friday, we did nothing but gab and eat. We also turned in our money for the food fund. Most all of our seniors are donating to it.

We are planning a picnic at Fishpond Lake, and I will put it in next week’s news.

Also, other things are in the planning, so we’ll know more about them also.

John Duty is still in the hospital. John, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Nancy Fultz, we are missing you. Hurry and get well, and back to the center.

Our senior Betty Newman had a family reunion this past Saturday for her mother, who is in Letcher Manor. I hope you had a good turnout and a great day, Betty.

If you are 60 years young and don’t go to any of the centers, you will be welcome to come to ours and join in the fun as we have really good times. Just come on in and join us.

So long for now, and God bless until next time.

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