Whitesburg KY

Ermine seniors having a blast

Howdy again! The Ermine senior citizens are having a blast. Yelp, we are.

Monday we played games. Tuesday was our Bingo day and Coleene Hart always gets good gifts for us to win — fruits, vegetables, cookies and candies. Oh yes, I won that time, a package of Mars Bars.

Then Wednesday we had two lovely ladies from Stanville. They work for Oxygen Plus that’s about diabetes. Some of our seniors ordered diabetic shoes.

On Thursday was our farewell summer picnic to be at Fishpond Lake, but the rain and cold weather kept us at our center to have it and our potluck dinner with the picnic. But we still had a great day. We had all kinds of good food and prizes and give and, yelp, I won again. I won a lovely pot of yellow mums. I was finally lucky.

Pauline Adams, the wife of Richard, was able to be with us and she won a beautiful pot of mums also. We had several gifts given away. I don’t know what all the others won as we had 46 people there and that’s a lot of people in our small center.

One time I told the judge he needed to have that building jacked up and a new one under it. But it didn’t happen.

Wednesday we’re sup- posed to go to Whitesburg Day if we don’t get rained out. Hope not, but we’ll see.

Judith Vermillion was missing from our center Friday. Where were you, Judith? You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone. (Just everyone.) Oops, I shouldn’t have said that.

S.T. Wright has been in the hospital. Jim Craft went to see him and said I didn’t deal the right Rook cards to S.T. and that gave him ulcers. I wouldn’t do that, would I?

Jim and I still haven’t lost a Rook game yet.

Oh! I forgot to mention the two ladies’ names that were there Tuesday. They were Salsrina Chaney and Kayla Bryant. They were very nice ladies and very friendly.

Two of our senior citizens are in Letcher Manor Nursing Home taking therapy. We miss both you ladies and hope you get better soon and are back home and back to the center with us as your seats look empty.

Hey, will someone tell me who was that good looking man that blew at me? I want to know. I do, I do, I do. Oh! Please don’t tell anyone this.

Friday, the 23rd of this month, will be a great day for us. You know why? Nope, won’t tell yet but will next news day. OK?

All you senior citizens be good and stay pretty. God bless until next time.

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