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Ermine seniors learn about crime

I don’t have much news from Ermine Center this time as we didn’t do a lot this past week. I guess the weather was too hot.

Jack and Betty Newsome have been on a vacation in Tennessee. They bought a pontoon boat and took it to the lake.

Tuesday was our regular day for Bingo, and we had some really nice prizes to give away.

Don and Nancy Fultz haven’t been coming to the center much as Nancy has been very sick. Nancy, we hope you get better soon as we miss you and Don.

David and Debbie Slone have a new granddaughter. They’ll be going to North Carolina soon to see her.

Wednesday, we went to Hazard to the New Hope Church for Safety Day. Stacy Noble from KRADDD welcomed us all, and James Johnson from Senior Crime College, talked to us about criminals scamming senior citizens.

We had 14 to go. They were Lennon and Yvonne Hammock, Rhuford and Coleene Hart, Patty Majority, Vina Lucas, Evelyn Caudill, Debbie Ann Adams, Estill, S.T. Wright, Winford Sturgill, Barbara, and me, Liz Mae, and Kathryn Oden from Boone Fork Center went with us. Debbie Slone, our site manager, drove us.

We went to the Ponderosa restaurant for lunch. We had a great day. We always do when we’re together.

Lloyd Mullins has joined our center. Welcome, Lloyd, we’re glad to have you.

We’re planning on going on a trip one day this week. Maybe I’ll have something to write about next time.

All of our seniors are playing ‘hush mouth’ around me, so I can’t tell what they were doing, only Joe Bentley, who is always paying tricks on us. I’m trying to get me a spy to find out about our seniors and what they’re up to. Who wants the job? Someone should help me.

Charles and Shirley Day are back, and we’re glad as we miss our seniors when they’re not there.

Last Friday I went to Lexington, and guess what I bought? I bought something for Halloween. Yes, I’m getting ready.

Mona Roark, I hope you enjoy your cake recipe that I sent you.

Come on, you Ermine seniors, and let me know what’s going on, so I’ll have something to write about.

All be good and stay pretty as I’ll talk to you next week. God bless until next time.

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