Whitesburg KY

Ermine seniors learn about nutrition

This news from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

Last week we had Ashley Bentley from PACs Now Program in Jeff, to visit with us. She goes to the community centers and senior citizen centers, and teaches nutritional health and physical activity.

We played Bingo and the cards were fruits and vegetables, and she gave us some very nice gifts.

Nov. 19, we went to Kingscreek for a turkey dinner. All seven centers were there, and we had turkey, dressing, gravy, potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce and drinks. The food was delicious.

Lennon Hammock won a turkey, but not the kind to eat. It was a joke pulled on him. We had a good time.

Our site manager, Debbie Slone, lost her mother to death. Her name was Eva Sexton. Debbie, you have our prayers.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I guess we’ll all have turkey, but let’s give our thanks to the One who provides this for us.

Senior citizens, come out and visit and see how much fun we have. See you there.

God bless until next time.

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