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Ermine seniors plan ‘tacky’ party

Oh! Happy day. We’re in the middle of the week and middle of the month of September. So fall is here as the leaves are falling. My yard is full of them. Then next is winter, then the snow, but that’s OK as we like them all (snow just a little).

Ermine seniors didn’t move much last week, but just wait until Friday, Sept. 17. We’re having a party! It will be a tacky party and our potluck dinner. So seniors, do your dress-up and see who can dress the tackiest. Who knows, you might win a prize. Also, we will be playing dirty bingo. You might win but you could lose your gift to someone else.

Come on, all you seniors, and join in the fun. We will have a great time. We are having some great musicians there to play for us. They will be playing guitars, banjos and fiddles I think, maybe some others.

So come on in. You’re all welcome.

We had a trip planned for Kingsport, Tenn., Friday, but it was canceled until next month so our seniors went to Neon Day. I didn’t go so I don’t know how many or who went as I haven’t talked to any of them yet.

My friend and I met at the Grill for breakfast and had a great time as we saw lots of people there. Don and Nancy Fultz said they were going to Indiana to see their great-granddaughter. She sure is a cutie.

S.T. Wright won at bingo last Tuesday. It might be his first time, I’m not sure though.

Say, have you all heard the fish tale Rhuford Hart told? He told me he and Coleene went fishing up at Fishpond Lake and he said Coleene pulled her hook out of the water and a fish jumped up and grabbed the worm. What do you think? But I guess we’ll have to believe this fish tale being Rhuford told it and Coleene said it really happened. He said Coleene caught all the fish so they’ll be having a fish fry soon. (Hope they invite me.)

Our Ruby Caudill will be having a birthday this month. I will write about it later. Carl Parrott will probably dance with her that day.

It was good to see Charles and Shirley Day last week. We’ve been missing you guys.

Seniors, don’t forget our potluck diner and tacky party. Be looking for you.

So long and God bless until next time.

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