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Ermine seniors ready to spring back

Hello to all my good friends out there.

Well, Ermine Center has been in a slow move for the past few weeks. We haven’t done anything much, but maybe now that spring is here we’ll get a move on and spring back to our good times.

Some of our seniors have been playing the Wii game. I don’t know who won, probably Betty Pike (she beats them bad).

We had some very interesting people to visit our center last week. Tuesday, it was Elaine Eserbock. She is from a company (didn’t get the name) telling us about power chairs, scooters and Life Alert that can be used in the home. She had these on display and you know who rode the scooter all over the dining room? (Nope, not me.) It was our own Joe Bentley. He said he was demonstrating them so when we get old we would know how to use the scooter. Thank you, Joe. The talk Elaine gave us about them was very interesting.

Tuesday after lunch, we played Bingo and lots of good gifts were won.

Thursday, Jeffery Proulex and Melissa Collins CPTA from Letcher Manor Nursing Rehabilitation Facility came and talked to us about what they do at the rehab for the people that are there. They brought some very nice gifts for Bingo. Barbara Hall won a large hanging basket of ferns, S.T. Wright won the other basket of ferns. (I wanted one, but I didn’t win.) Jane Stallard won a bird feeder and seed. Coleene Hart won a hummingbird feeder and nectar. Kathy Palumbo won a fold-up chair and the case to carry it in. Oh! You lucky seniors. After Bingo, Jeff made us root beer floats and they were delicious.

We had a large group of seniors for both days.

Friday, we did nothing but talk and ate lunch.

April 14, we will be going to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast furnished by ARH. We will be meeting the new heart doctor from the hospital.

Friday, April 15, we will go to the high school to see a play put on by grade school children.

April 19, we will be having our Easter party at Kingscreek Park. We will have an Easter egg hunt (oh! boy, with a prize egg), also games and a Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny, and good food. So if you don’t come, you’ll miss a great time.

Then, in May is Silver Day at the center. This is Elder Abuse Awareness Month. We’ll have a great day that day wearing all our silver (if we have any).

Oh! yes, I almost forgot, we will be going to Camp Nathanael. We really enjoy going there every year.

Patty Majority has been having problems with her legs and hasn’t been to the center for a few weeks. Hurry back, Patty, we miss you. Also, Evelyn Caudill, one of our quilting ladies, has been very sick. Hope you get better, Evelyn, and be back with us. Thinking about both of you ladies.

OK, Oma Hatton, I saw you out Saturday night. Now I know you’re doing well so get yourself back to the center. No excuses. We don’t accept them. Your chair really will be gone.

If you seniors don’t go to a center, come to ours at Ermine and have a great time with us. You will enjoy it. We have good people and oh! yes good cooks too (the best), so come on down.

So long for now, and God bless until next time.

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