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Ermine seniors see ‘Little Shepherd’ drama

Good morning to all you good seniors out there. Hope you’re having a good day and being happy.

We at the Ermine Center didn’t think we’d be doing anything special this past week, but we had a great time.Monday, our bracelets were picked up and we’re about through with the health fair with Debbie Pennington, but we’ll miss her. Maybe she’ll get something else going for us.

Then Tuesday, we had a great day. Gretta Fields, Cody Centers and Shannon Belcher from Letcher Manor Nursing Home and Rehabilitation and Heritage Healthcare came and showed us some exercises that will help us. Also, they brought bingo cards and we played bingo. Rhuford Hart won twice, but gave his second gift back as he had already won. Betty Pike won the birdcage, Rhuford Hart won a flowerpot, and Coleene Hart won the other flowerpot. After lunch the ladies served us ice cream in a waffle bowl and it was really good.

We enjoyed you ladies. Come back and see us soon.

After lunch and ice cream we had four of the characters from ‘The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come’ drama to visit us. They were Debra Gibson, whose character is Lucy Dean; Rachel Woodward, who plays as Margrette Dean; and Jarette Slone, who plays as Harry Dean. Margrette and Harry Dean are Lucy Dean’s children in the drama. Alessandra D’Amato’s character is Marybell Lockheart. They were dressed in their costumes and were beautiful.

Susan Adams was with them and she promotes the drama (I think). We enjoyed them coming and seeing us and telling us about themselves and their characters.

I found out where Charles and Shirley Day are. I talked to Shirley and she said they had been working at home. They were cutting bushes when I called. (I’ll say Shirley was cutting the bushes and Charles was in the shade somewhere snoozing.) What do you Ermine seniors think? Just kiddin’, Charles, but hurry back as we miss you both.

I eavesdropped on Carl Parrott and he was saying he’s going to Hemphill Saturday night to go dancing and he’ll take Shirley with him if she wants to go. She probably will. Have a great time, Carl, and don’t cut too many rugs.

Saturday night, we went to Jenkins to the Little Shepherd Amphitheater to see ‘Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come’ drama and it was really great. If you haven’t seen it, you should go as it is worth the price you pay. It was a beautiful night, no rain, and we had a good time.We picked up some of the seniors from Jenkins and Christine rode with us. Joe and Doris Bentley were there from our center. They drove. Also, S.T. Wright drove. Debbie Slone is our site manager and she was so nice to take us to the drama. Thanks, Debbie, we really appreciate you.

We hope how soon Joyce Vermillion gets back from her trip. She went to see the Grand Canyon and then to Alaska (I think). I’ll get the info from her when she gets back.

So you senior citizens, you see we do all kinds of good things at our center. We’re planning an outing at the new Kingscreek Park sometime this month. Let you know later when we’re going. And we do have other things planned to do this month also. So come out and see what’s going on. You’ll be glad you did.

This is from Ermine Senior Citizens. So God bless until next time.

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