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Ermine seniors win medals

Hi to all of my good friends everywhere. I sure like it when you’re saying you read my news and enjoy it. I’m glad you do.

Oh well, we Ermine seniors did a few things last week.

Last Tuesday our center was closed for the electrician, and a few of our seniors and workers went to the Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast. Guess who bought their breakfast? Our county judge, Jim Ward. I missed that one.

Thursday, we all went to Knott County to the Senior Games — 14 seniors and five workers went and eight of us won medals. Yep, I sure did. I won two; one was gold, the other was bronze. I think our seniors won 14 in all. I’m not sure I counted all of them. We had a great time and a beautiful day.

Coleen Hart fell and broke her left wrist at home. Patty Majority is still under the weather a little. I hope how soon she’s on the mend and back at the center with us.

Now for the new events coming up. Thursday is our potluck dinner, and our Silver Day. So everyone wear your silver; you may win a prize. We will be having lots of prizes to give away and, best of all, plenty of good food to eat (I hope).

June 2 is our Senior Prom at Boone Fork Center, and we always have a great time at the prom. We always have a big crowd, too.

So far that’s about it for now. I will let you know what else will be going on.

I’d like to say hello to two of my good friends, Jewell Caudill in Indiana, I went to high school with Jewell and we keep in touch, also hello to Elizabeth Price in Shepherdsville. We worked together in the ‘ 60s and we keep in touch also. It’s good to remember your old friends and the new ones, too .

Hey, all of you senior citizens, if you don’t go to any other centers come and be with us if you want to have fun. Never a dull moment at our center. We have two there who are nuts, Jim and Joe, and I think Jack is about to join them.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, we have a newly wedded couple who come to our center. I told you earlier I would let you know who they are. It’s Winford Sturgill and Geneva Adams. They got hitched Saturday, May 21, at Millstone Missionary Baptist Church.

We’ll find out later who’s boss I guess.

Please don’t forget the Veterans Day celebration on May 30 down in Whitesburg at the Veterans Memorial. It will start at 1 p.m. Show up and support our veterans who have done so much for our country and us.

So stay good and pretty. God bless until next time.

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