Whitesburg KY

Essay speaks for animals



Robin Majority, a fourthgrade student at Thomas Sumter Academy, wrote a essay for “Be Kind to Animals Week”, which was May 2-6. She is the daughter of Mike and April Majority of Sumter, S.C., and the granddaughter of Patty Majority of Whitesburg and the late Frank Majority, and Madge Haynes of Cawood.

Here is her essay, which is titled “Field Trip”.

Our class should go to the ASPCA. There are many reasons why we should visit the shelter.

The first reason is animal adoption. We can see which animals need homes. We can then ask our neighbors if they want to adopt a pet.

Next, we could volunteer to help for the day. We would fill up the animals’ food and water bowls. Also, we could help the animals exercise by taking them outside.

Finally, we can learn why we should stop animal cruelty.

We will see all the innocent animals that are abused every day. Animals can’t speak out against animal cruelty, but we can. So let’s be the difference between life and death for innocent animals.

It’s easy to see how important a trip to the ASPCA can be.

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